Troubleshoot the issue of Outlook not receiving emails through different sources go through following procedure!

If you are facing the issue of outlook not receiving emails through different resources, then, you can go through following troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue:

  • Check the connection:

Ensure that you are connected to the internet. Once the connection is confirmed, go through following to ensure you are working online:

> Check out lower right corner of the Outlook window. If the message is prompted disconnected, working offline, or trying to Connect, this signifies that user is not connected to the server.

> On the ribbon, you are required to click on Send/Receive tab.

> In the Preferences group, you are necessary to click on Work Offline. Clicking

  On Work Offline, gives connected to the server in the lower right corner of


> In Send/Receive group, snap on Send/ Receive All Folders

> Check if messages are now in Send&Receive group.

  • Check other locations for the email messages:

> It might happen that emails could be in junk folder. So, check out if emails are present in junk folder.

  • Create a New Profile: Corrupt outlook profile can also be the cause that you stopped receiving emails. You can create new profile and set it up with the email account:

> Go to the File in the Outlook messenger.

> Under the option File, you are mandatory to hit it on Account Settings.

> In Account Settings, you are necessary to choose Manage Profiles from drop

  down list.

> Go on Show Profiles.

> Click on Add.

> In the box of Profile Name, you are required to type a name for the new


> Click on OK.

> Go through the on screen instruction to follow the prompts.

> Restart Outlook and snap on File.

> Under the option File, you are required to get on the Account Settings.

> From the drop down list, you are requisite to choose Change Profile.

> Click on OK and restart Outlook.

> In the Profile name list, you are required to choose the new profile name.

> Click on OK.     

How to fix Outlook not receiving emails from Gmail?

If there has been particular issue of outlook not receiving emails from Gmail, then, you can go through following procedure to remove the trouble:

> Check if there is any kind of similarity between the emails that are not being

  received in outlook.

> Did you do any kind of settings in Outlook to move the emails to any particular


  Go through following procedure to check if you made any kind of setting:

  1. Click on File.
  2. Under the option File, you require to snap on Manage Rules and Alerts...
  3. Choose the option Email Rules tab and check if there is any kind of rule set.
  4. Check if you could receive junk email folder in Outlook.

> If you are receiving emails from Gmail in junk email folder in Outlook, then, you

  Need to remove email account, re -add it and check if it helps:

  Go through following to remove the email account:

  1. You got to close Outlook and then, click on Start.
  2. Under the option Start, you are essential to get on the Control Panel.
  3. Snap on Mail that you can find under the option Control Panel.
  4. Click on Email Account under the option Mail.
  5. Highlight Gmail account and then, click on Remove.

How to fix Outlook not receiving emails with attachments?

If you are getting following issues such as outlook not receiving emails with attachments, then, you can go through following procedure to rule out the issue:

Check out the junk folder in outlook

Sign into the outlook account.

> Once you have signed in, you are required to tick on the left pane in the junk


> Check if there is missing mail in this folder. If there is any kind of missing mail in

  this folder.

How to fix Outlook not receiving emails but can send?

Another issue that a user faces into the outlook account is that outlook not receiving emails but can send, then, you can go through following procedure:

> In outlook, click on Tools.

> Under the option Tools, you are required to click on Accounts.

> Click on Mail.

> Once you get on the Mail, you are required to configure POP3 server that enables

 outlook for receiving mails:

 To configure POP3 in outlook, you need to go through following settings:

  1. Close Outlook.
  2. If you have installed Windows OS, then, click on Start.
  3. Click on Control Panel in Windows OS.
  4. Choose Mail in Windows OS.
  5. Click on Show Profiles.
  6. Click on Add.
  7. In the Profile name field, you are required to select POP3, Exchange, Office 365 etc.

How to fix Outlook not receiving emails automatically?

Another issue that you might be facing in the Outlook could be the issue of outlook not receiving emails automatically; you can go through following procedure:

> You are required to create a new send/receive group in outlook. In the Tools menu,

   You need to point to Send/ receive settings.

> Under Send/Receive settings, snap on Define Send/Receive groups.

> Select Group Name.

> Click on the Group and then, Go on Copy.

> Sort the new Group name under Send/Receive group name.

> Click on OK.

> Click on the Old Group Name under Group Name.

Use the above procedure to troubleshoot the issue of outlook not receiving emails.

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