Why is my YouTube not working properly?

YouTube is a video sharing American website whose headquarters is located in San Bruno, California. It is used worldwide and is very famous among the internet users.The services of YouTube that are provided to its users are to view, upload, share, rate, comment, etc. for the videos. The kind of videos available could either be corporate media videos or any user generated video. The content which is available on YouTube generally includes TV shows, music videos, movie trailers, live streams, etc. For watching the videos, no registration is required but the same is required for uploading or adding comment on video.

If there is a situation of YouTube not working, then it might be due to various issues such as it might not be working on Chrome, iPad, phone or Wi-Fi. Below listed are some of fixes in case of Chrome:

  • The user can try updating the browser as the outdated version of Google Chrome could be the reason of YouTube not working on Chrome. The Google chrome update might resolve the problem of the working of YouTube. It should be updated if any update is available.
  • The internet connection might be causing the problem. If the internet connection is slow or not working, then the YouTube will also not work as it is an internet based application. The user can try by visiting any website or checking the router. If still the problem persists, the Internet Service Provider needs to be contacted.
  • Sometimes the problem comes up when the JavaScript is not turned on. The JavaScript allows the users to watch YouTube videos. For this, the user has to click the Settings, and then Advanced, after that under the Privacy and security, Content settings is selected. Finally the JavaScript option is clicked and Allowed is enabled.
  • If the issue is still there, the user needs to check the extensions in the Google Chrome. To check if the extensions are responsible for YouTube not working, the user can try the incognito mode in which the extensions are by default disabled. If the extensions are causing the issue they can be deleted or disabled for further use.
  • The user needs to clear the cache and cookies for the proper working of YouTube videos in Google Chrome browser. For this the clear browsing option is selected.

In case of YouTube not working on phone, below mentioned are some of the fixes:

  • The initial step could be of restarting the phone, it might resolve the issue. For this, the home button on the device is pressed and held for few seconds. The restart option on the screen needs to be tapped. When the device is restarted, the user can play a YouTube video and check for the issue.
  • The internet connection should be check as it might be hindering the YouTube videos. The cellular network and Wi-Fi both the options should be checked in order to start the YouTube.
  • It might be possible that the issue is coming up due to incompatibility of operating system and YouTube. For this, the user can check the System updates in the phone. If any update is available, the device should be updated.
  • The date and time settings might be responsible for the issue of YouTube not working on a phone. For this, the option of automatic date and time should be selected.

In case of YouTube not working properly on iPad, the following fixes can be tried:

  • The user can check if any update of YouTube is available. It might help in resolving the issue.
  • The network connection on iPad should be checked for the working of YouTube.
  • Another way is to reinstall the YouTube app from the App store of iPad.
  • The iPad should be restarted by tapping the restart option on iPad.

When the situation comes up of YouTube not working on Wi-Fi, below listed fixes can be tried:

  • If there is any update available for the app, it should be done as it might resolve the issue.
  • If this does not work, another option is to reset the Network Settings.
  • The router might be faulty or there is no internet service from the service provider. In this case, the Internet Service provider can be contacted to resolve the issue.
  • The VPN settings also need to be checked for the Wi-Fi issue.

If the problem still persists, the technical support of YouTube needs to be contacted. The technical executive provides the best way out for any of the above mentioned issues. The contact info for reaching the YouTube technical person is available on the official website.

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