Why is my Microsoft Word not responding? How to fix it?

Have you ever faced any situations when you are doing important work on your Microsoft Word and suddenly it stopped responding? Then you are not alone confronting this problem as many users confront this error once in a while. There are multiple reasons behind the Microsoft word not responding on multiple devices and one can very easily fix this problem after knowing the proper solutions. 
In this article, you will be learned about the not responding issue of Microsoft Word and its solutions in a very simple and easy manner.

What to do when Microsoft Word not responding on Mac?

Has Microsoft Word stopped responding on Mac and showing any irrelevant error? Then it can cause due to multiple reasons and it does not mean that you can’t fix Microsoft Word not responding on Mac as you can fix it with the help of below steps:

Run the Repair Disk on your Mac:

·         Open the Microsoft Word on your Mac and then click on Menu.

·         Now choose Utilities and then run the Disk Utility menu.

·         Choose a primary disc that made for the system.

·         Now choose the first aid type icon and then click on Repair Disc tab.

Remove the Word Preferences:

·         Click on the Preferences menu and then look for a file name com.microsoft.word.plist.

·         Now choose a file and then forward it to the desktop system.

·         After that, open the Microsoft Word on Mac and see that issue has been resolved or not.

How to fix Microsoft Word not responding on Mac after update?

If the Microsoft Word is not responding on Mac after updating, then you have to fix this problem to get back to your work. You can very easily fix Microsoft Word not responding on Mac after updating problem with the help of below instructions:

·         Make sure that you have an active internet connection and then install the Mac OS updates.

·         Now you would need to install the Microsoft Word update as per the given instructions.

·         Restart your Mac and then check either its working or not.

How to fix Microsoft Word not responding unsaved work?

Is Microsoft Word not responding when closing and not saving work? Then you can obtain this problem due to the multiple reasons and it’s very important to know those causes. You may fix Microsoft Word not responding unsaved work with the help of below steps:

Disable add-in: A lot of time this problem caused due to the add-in and you can disable the add-ins and then you can start Microsoft Word in Safe Mode on your computer.

Log in with a new user profile: Log in to Windows with a new user profile and then check whether problem is resolved or not.

Restart the Microsoft Word and computer: Close your Microsoft Word program and then restart your computer. It may help to resolve this problem.

How to fix Microsoft Word not responding when closing?

If the Microsoft Word is not responding when closing, then it means there is any specific reason behind this problem. If you want to resolve this problem, then you can go through the below steps:

·         First of all, open REGEDIT on your computer through hkey_current_user/software/Microsoft/office/12.0/word/data.

·         Now right click on the appeared file and then click on Delete the data.

·         Close the registry editor and then open the Microsoft Office to see either it is correctly closing or not.

In case you are still facing Microsoft Word not responding problem, then you can directly contact the customer service team and get the highly reliable assistance to resolve this problem in a very simple manner. 

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