Why is my Hotmail not working?

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We all have use email services once in a lifetime. These days it has become the essential part of our life. There are numerous number of email services we may have heard of. But only few have still maintain their presence from the internet heydays. One such email service providing company is Hotmail. Hotmail is one of the leading and most popular names in the email service providing company in the world. Over the course of time, it has seen a rapid increase in the user base and still maintains the position of one of the most popular email service providing company. The sheer reason behind the rise of this email service is mainly due to additional features, secure services as well as various tools such as calendar, Ms-Doc, Ms-excel and so forth. But sometimes user does face certain issue one of the common issue face by the user is Hotmail not working. There are might be a number of reasons behind the problem like proper data connectivity and server issue timeout and proper resistive shield. User can take the assistance from the support team or follow the given suggestion for possible outcomes in fixing the problem.

  • First of all user needs to check whether there is proper connectivity or not.
  • Then, Check whether any antivirus program is blocking the web address.
  • In case, if it does then kindly remove the program.
  • Again User needs to look for the other possible solution like checking through the Windows live mail to verify the issue persists or not.
  • In  case, if the issue persist then look for the updated of the window live mail and then download as well as install on your device and then access to your hotmail.

Get help to fix Hotmail not working on Iphone

But sometimes user does face certain other problems while working on the hotmail, one of the key issues faced by the hotmail user while working on it is hotmail not working on Iphone. This is the common problem face by the Iphone user, In order to resolve or fix the problem user needs to either take the assistance from the customer support or follow these simple steps:

  • Open the hotmail by typing the web address in address bar.
  • Then Log into your credentials and then go to options.
  • Click on the POP and IMap tab.
  • Make sure to enable the POP in case if it is disable.
  • Further look for the set of the protocols and configure it properly.
  • Check mark for the incoming and outgoing mail option in the outgoing mail protocol.
  • Again check whether the incoming is SSL then change it to TLS.
  •  In case, of outgoing mail service, User must change it to STARTTLS.

Sometimes hotmail has certain issue with the particular web browser as it doesn’t functional smoothly. One of the common problem user faces is regarding Hotmail not working on chrome. In such circumstances user needs to clear the caches, includes history as well as cookies and then user needs to make sure that it has the updated version of the chrome and in case, if not then try to download and reinstall the latest chrome version of your computer and then try to open the hotmail.

Apart from that Hotmail user always have a best of class experiences in using the services of the hotmail. Since it’s a product of technological giant Microsoft, it has always provides the quality service to its customer and the user hardly faces any issue on daily basis. But occasionally, user does face problem while working on it, one of the common puzzle user face is regarding How to solve the problem of Hotmail not working on a Mac. User can take the advantage of customer support or follow these simple procedures:

  • First of all, User needs to check the reason behind the hotmail not working on Mac.
  • If it’s saying that unable to connect then the problem is mainly due to server time out.
  • Then, User needs to wait for few minutes till the problem through server side is not resolved.
  • If the Mail says appear to be offline then user must check whether it’s well connected on the Internet.
  • If the mail is connected to the Internet and account still appear to be offline then User needs to change the email settings by choosing preferences from the mail menu and clicking on Accounts and then select your email account.

Better Assistance from hotmail support team to fix hotmail not working issue

Despite that one of the most uncommon problem faces by the user is hotmail not working, User can take the assistance from the technical support as they have a highly qualified technical support team which are well versed in their domain and have tons of experience to make sure that whatever be the issue must be resolved quickly.

  • First of all, User needs to check whether the date and time of your Computer or the Gadget are configuring properly.
  • Make sure that hotmail account time setting matches with those of your computer by double clicking on your date and time.
  • Further make sure to clear the internet browsing history by clicking on Tools and then on delete files and delete cookies.


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