Why is my Google drive not working properly?

Google device is a file storage and synchronization service that allows the users to store and synchronize files across devices. Syncing and sharing files on devices like android, iPhones, Windows is quite simple but sometimes, Google drive stops working for different reasons.

Despite its numerous features and advantages, users come across issues like Google drive not working. If you too have such a concern and want to fix it then take this article as a guide and go along it to resolve the problem.

Fix if your Google Drive is not working on iPhone:

Even Apple provides the online iCloud facility for iPhone users, but by the virtue of convenient feature of Google Drive, it is widely used on iOS devices. Due to any cease of function, users report problems like Google Drive not working on iPhone. To fix this issue, here is a quality solution.

  • Update Google Drive to its latest version: If the Google Drive is not working on iPhone then the possible reason may be your device is not compatible with the existing version of Google Drive. So, you should make confirm that Google Drive on your device is up to date. If not updated, you can do so by entering in the App Store and tapping the Update button corresponding to Google Drive.
  • Try Hard Reboot on your iPhone: You can fix the persisting issue by restating or hard rebooting your iPhone. Press the power button for a few seconds and then swipe right to power off mode. After restarting, access your Google Drive without any issue.

How to get rid of the issue Google Drive not working on Windows 7?

The enhancing features of Google Drive have made a preferred storage tool for users. Google Drive is safely accessible on Windows 7 to store photos, videos, Microsoft documents and many more. But sometimes, users confront issues like Google Drive not working on windows 7 that arises due to one or more reasons. While accessing Google Drive on your system, if you are confronting such issues then do not worry. It can be fixed by opt the basic troubleshooting steps.

Reinstall Google Drive

  • Quit Google Drive and uninstall it from your system.
  • On your local storage, rename your Google Drive folder.
  • Download the latest version and install Google Drive.
  • Now, start working on your Google Drive.

After applying the aboue procedure your issue will be resolved.If all these procedures fail and still Google drive not working properly then contact the Google drive customer service team to resolve the issue.

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