Why is my computer not connecting to the internet? No internet access

Is your computer not connecting to the internet? Many things are there that can combat your computer in connecting to the internet. We know the last thing to deal with the concerned is to make a direct conversation with the tech support engineers. But you should try the given ways before you contact the support engineers. Our today’s write-up will talk about some of the reasons along with their probable troubleshooting methods. Find out some of the likely reasons along with the troubleshooting steps here.

Turn off your security software

Did you install any security software? Turn it off if you have installed a firewall, an anti-virus, an anti-malware, web security software, or any other software. No problem if you are not ready to deactivate it permanently. Do it for a certain period of time and then activate it again! It will help you whether your security software is creating a problem for you or not.

Disable Enhance Protected Mode

Are you using Internet Explorer 10 or Internet Explorer 11? If yes, you may face an issue as computer not connecting to internet. In this regard, you are supposed to try this troubleshooting method. This browser enables additional security features to secure your browsing. However, you can prevent such add-ons from working if they are creating a problem for you.

Disable or uninstall the network card

We suggest enabling the network card after disabling it once. It will help your computer getting an IP address if it did not already have picked one. To disable it, you need to click on start and type ncpa.cpl. Then you need to make right-click on the network card and choose Disable. It will disable the network card. After you have disabled the network card, make a right-click on it and choose Enable.

Deal with the router/ISP related issues

Restart the device if you have a combined modem/router from your ISP. It is considered as the simplest solution in this regard. Resetting the router is the next thing you are suggested to do if the restart has not settled down the issue. Reset your router for around 40 seconds and get the problem solved.

Get quick help for computer not connecting to the internet

As we have mentioned it in the introductory paragraph, making a chat or telephonic conversation is the last thing you are instructed to do in order to deal with the computer if your computer not connecting to the internet on startup. It will resolve your issue for sure. The technical support engineers associated with the computer tech support are highly trained. They are driven by years of experience. 

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