How to fix AOL Mail not working on iPhone?

AOL mail as you might be aware is a free web-based email service which now the part of Verizon Communications. It is basically one of those services which have made it easier for the users to send and receive emails because of its quick servers.

Further, for iPhone users, they can easily set up this mail service on their device. But, at some point, there are chances that some users might encounter issues like AOL mail not working on iPhone. Well, this sort of issue is quite common among the iPhone users and luckily one can easily fix this concern by following some simple troubleshooting solutions provided in this article.

Ways to fix AOL mail not working trouble

1. Turn on Airplane mode

One of the most common issues which are faced by the AOL Mail users is that they are unable to receive new emails even after refreshing the mail. Well, if you are facing this issue, then it might be because of the network problem which can be resolved by following these steps.

  • Launch the settings page on your iPhone device.
  • After that, enable the Airplane option and wait for a while.
  • And then, again turn off the airplane mode to fix AOL mail not working issue quickly.

2. Remove and add your AOL mail account

Even after trying the above solution, if you are still facing a trouble with your AOL email account, you can easily fix this issue by simply removing your account and adding it again on your device.

For removing AOL mail account:

  • For removing AOL email account, the user is required to launch the Settings page and tap on passwords and accounts option.
  • Now, from the account list, tap on the AOL email account and tap on Delete account option.
  • And with this AOL account will be deleted.

Adding back AOL Mail account:

  • In order to add back AOL account, the user again needs to launch the Settings page.
  • After that, the user is required to tap on account section and tap on add account option.
  • Then, the user again needs to enter the details of their AOL account and fix AOL mail not working problem.

3. Reset Network settings

Lastly, in order to fix cannot get AOL mail on iPhone concern, the folks can try resetting their network settings to avoid this issue.

  • The customer is required to launch the Settings page on the iPhone device.
  • Further, the customer is required to scroll down to look for the General options and go to the reset option.
  • After that, the customer needs to go on Reset network settings option and confirm the same when prompted.

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