How to fix my email not showing on iPhone?

IPhone is one of those devices which are used by zillions of people around the globe for communicating and assessing emails. However, there are many users who face issues with their iPhone email which includes my email not showing on iPhone. Thankfully, one can easily resolve this problem by following some simple ways that are discussed in this article. So, in order to fix this issue quickly and in time, simply follow the instructions provided.

Simple ways to fix iPhone not showing latest emails

  1. Fix your internet connection
  • Not receiving emails in your iPhone mailbox can be because of the poor internet connection.
  • For fixing internet related issues, check your internet connections properly whether it is connected properly or not.
  • Moreover, you can also try connecting your iPhone to the cellular network under the network settings.

   2. Verify your email settings

  • Another reason behind not receiving mails on time can because of the email settings. So, in order to fix this issue, you simply need to check the email settings of your iPhone.
  • For resolving this issue, you are requisite to launch the Settings page and click on Password and accounts option.
  • Then, you are required to tap on the Data fetch option and turn on the push slider option.
  • And with the completion of the process, restart your device and use the push slider to receive new mails in your inbox.
  • Besides, you can also try checking your incoming and outgoing server settings to resolve this issue.

  3. Try to restart your iPhone

  • Another quick way for resolving my email is not showing pictures issue is restarting your device.
  • You simply need to double-click on home button and under the multi task option click on mail option.
  • After that, you are necessary to swipe the mail off and up screen.
  • Then, again tap on the Home button and again relaunch the mail app on your iPhone.

Hence, these were the few simple solutions to fix my email is not showing up on iPhone. And in case, if you still face any issue, you can simply contact the Apple help center for the desired assistance to receive mails quickly in your mailbox.

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