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ANPUHELP respects your privacy and confidentiality. Kindly review the privacy policies of ANPUHELP. Privacy policies followed by ANPUHELP are 100% customer friendly and simple.

Contact Information

ANPUHELP welcomes your suggestions and feedback regarding the privacy policies. Mail us if you want amendments and fresh changes in our policies or if you want changes in your personal information stored in our database (for our current customers). We welcome your thoughts, ideas and response. Feel free to contact us any time. We want to help you use our website conveniently. You can share your opinions and feedbacks us any time. Contact us if you want to know more about our services and our policies.

Collection and use of Personal Information

Your interaction with ANPUHELP may give ANPUHELP your personal details. Your personal information and details are safely stored in our database. Your privacy, secrecy and confidentiality is respected and maintained by ANPUHELP. Personal details stored by us include name, email address, phone numbers, postal codes and feedbacks of our valuable customers.

Information and details provided by customers are kept 100% safe by ANPUHELP. We use professional security tools to keep the information of our customers intact. Our work and services are 100% professional and reliable.

How we use personal details

Your personal details and information stored in our databases are 100% safe. ANPUHELP do not share or tell personal details of our clients to anyone. ANPUHELP stores personal details of customers only for record keeping. ANPUHELP does not share the details our customers with any other organization or company. We store information of our customers only to send them the details of our new services, special promotions, offers, new products and improvement news of our services & products.


Note: We take immediate action against forgery. It is crime to purchase our products and services with a false name. It is illegal to purchase our products services with incorrect and unauthorized credit card details. It is illegal to use stolen credit card details. Make sure the information and banking details you provide to us (ANPUHELP) are correct. You can update your personal details / information collected by us anytime.

Changes to our Privacy Policies

ANPUHELP will rarely amend or change or update the privacy policies. We suggest you to read and review all the policies mentioned above. Policies followed by us are always available on this web page. You can read our policies any time.

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