Troubleshoot the problem Why my computer not opening anything!

Laptop or computer are the basic necessities of the modern world as these connect a person with the world but due to some issues in the computer or laptop, you might be unable to open your computer and wondering why my computer is not opening.  There could be following issues due to which you face the trouble in opening up the computer.

There is no sign of power on the computer panel:

Check if all the connections are proper, if connection is proper then check if the cable is in proper working condition. There might be issue with adapter, so, using another compatible adapter, you can check if there is any issues with the adapter, if it is so, then, change the adapter otherwise go through following troubleshooting methods.   

Computer power on but nothing more happens:

If all the connections are proper then, check if the computer is cool enough as this may also be the cause of the problem that computer is not working properly.

Computer stops working or continuously reboots during the POST: Troubleshooting steps that you can follow are:

  • Check out the cause behind BIOS error that you see on the monitor: If the screen prompts up the BIOS error message, you can find the troubleshoot on the screen only. All you require to do is follow the troubleshoot messages.
  • If you have connected any USB storage device or have any disc in the optical drive, then, it might happen that the computer might be trying to boot up from the USB storage device or through the disc. To sort out the issue, you are required to remove the USB device or the disc.  

Another issue that you might be facing into your computer is that my computer is not opening anything:

Why my computer is not opening anything?

Restart the computer in safe mode with following steps:

> Power on the computer. As you power on the computer, the Windows or manufacturer’s logo appears. The moment the Windows logo appears, you are required to power off the computer. You can do it 3 times, as you repeat the process 3 times; the computer goes into Advanced Recovery Environment.

Under Advanced Recovery Environment, go through following procedure:

> Go on Advanced options.

> Under Advanced options, you are required to click on Troubleshoot.

> Go on Troubleshoot, then, on advanced options.

> Once you click on Advanced option, you need to click on Startup Settings and then,

  click on Restart.

  • Windows starts loading but inhibits further operation and reboots without an error:

If you have Windows 10 on your computer and you are facing the issue of my computer is not opening in Windows 10, then, go through following troubleshooting options to fix the issue:

Why my computer is not opening in windows 10?

> Start the Windows in safe mode, go through following settings procedure:

              a. Get on on Troubleshoot.

              b. Under the Troubleshoot option, you are required go to the advanced options.

              c. Under Advanced options, click on Startup Settings, then, go on Restart.

                  When you snap on Restart button, PC restarts and once it gets restarted, one

                  Has to select the Safe Mode and press the F4 button or you can press F5 or

                  Choose Safe Mode with Networking to activate the networking drivers.

              d. Enable Safe Mode by pressing 4 or F4.

              e. To enable safe mode with networking, you need to press 5 or F5.

           Once you get into Safe Mode, you are required to go through following procedure:

            a. Run built in.

            b. Under the Built in, you need to press Windows Key + X.

            c. Go to the Settings.

            d. Under Settings, you need to click on Update & Security.

            e. Click on Troubleshoot.

            f. Click on Windows update and then, on run the troubleshooter.

Use the above methods to fix the issues. Once you have resolved the issues of the computer is not working.

Why my computer is not opening websites?

You can go through following procedure to resolve the issues:

  • Clear the cache and browsing history of the browser: There might be the issue due to cache or there could be loads of information piled up in the history, all you need to do is clear the history and this deletes all the temporary files.
  • Check Windows Firewall settings: There might be the case of blocking up of the websites through firewall, so, all you need to do is go to firewall settings and check out if the sites are inhibited, if it is so, then, unblock the sites.

Use the above methods to resolve the issues.

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