How to fix my Garmin GPS not working properly?

We are living in a world of technology, and we have introduced smart technology for navigation that is Garmin GPS. It is the device that gives details about the area in which you are in and which you want to travel to. This device has an inbuilt receiver that tracks the GPS and GLONASS satellites at the same time. It is not only smart but also accurate and precise in detecting and locating the place. Sometimes, the user has many issues in the device but it can be solved easily.

Why is my Garmin watch not connecting to GPS?

As it is an electronic device, it is prone to some technical glitches which lead to the issue. Before proceeding to the solutions, you should know the reason behind the issue of the Garmin watch not connecting to GPS. We have discussed some of the reasons for this issue.

•       Software or hardware Malfunction

•       Due to internet connection

•       Problem in GPS antenna

•       Out-dated versions of Garmin express application.

•       Device is not charged.

Why is my Garmin GPS not turning on?

The user can resolve the issue by troubleshooting the problems of Garmin GPS not turning on. If you want to fix the Garmin GPS issue, then you can easily follow the below steps.

•       First of all, you should charge your Garmin device. If you had charged your device properly then you can perform the Hard Reset Process on it. This process will remove all the issues in your device.

•       Now, you need to perform a hard reset, and then you have to unplug the device from the power supply.

•       Now, tap the Power button that is located at the bottom of the device.

•       Wait for few seconds and keep your finger on the device’s screen.

•       Click on the ‘Yes’ on the screen and follow the onscreen instructions which will restart your Garmin device. Now, the master reset will clear all the software related issues in the device.

•       Now, you should check the GPS antenna is plugged in on your device properly.

•       As soon as the process is completed, check if your device is working properly or not.

With the above steps, you can simply fix Garmin GPS not working in a very simple manner.  If you have any issue in the services of the Garmin GPS, then you can easily contact customer support. Get in touch with the customer service team via live chat, email support, and phone number. We are available 24*7 in your service. No need to worry as they are very friendly and professional so you can call them at any time.

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