Why is my Facebook not working properly?

Why does Facebook not working correctly sometimes and how to fix this problem?

Facebook is a wonderful social networking platform but a few times a user might encounter issues while using it. Many times Facebook users have reported the issues with the website or mobile app that doesn’t work fine. If your Facebook is also not working properly either on the mobile app or website and you are worried about why it is happening, then this is the right place for you. On this page, you will get the information about why might Facebook not work, as well as, you will also discover the methods for dealing with this situation appropriately.

What are the reasons due to which Facebook not working properly?

A user might confront with Facebook not working properly on Google Chrome, as well as, on the mobile phone error. Hence, a list of the most common reasons due to which Facebook shows an error on any device is given below:

•       Internet speed is not adequate

•       Facebook app is outdated

•       Facebook app is corrupted

•       Saved extension in a browser is preventing Facebook from working fine

•       Viruses and malware are blocking Facebook

How to fix a Facebook account that is not working fine?

You now that Facebook might not work on a browser or mobile due to common reasons similarly the methods to handle this situation are also the same.  Hence, the people who wonder what techniques can resolve my Facebook not working on my phone, or a computer browser can discover the solutions from below:

Check internet speed

•       Check your internet connectivity in the device you are trying to open either Facebook website or app as both need a proper speed

•       Ensure that your internet is providing enough speed required for opening Facebook properly

Disable browser extension

•       Facebook might not work fine when the extension saved in your browser prevents it

•       Therefore, open settings of the browser you are using to access Facebook

•       Further, navigate to the extension tab and remove all the saved extension one by one

Update Facebook app

•       When your Facebook app is outdated then also it doesn’t work in a proper manner

•       Therefore, download the latest updates for Facebook by visiting play store in your mobile

Reinstall Facebook app

•       A few times your Facebook app might be corrupted and doesn’t work fine

•       In such condition, reinstall the Facebook app in your device for proper functioning

Hence the people dealing with Facebook not working on my laptop, or phone device issues can correct the situation with the help of methods described above. Besides, when a user is unable to resolve the Facebook error by any means, in such a condition they are suggested to connect with a technical expert for help that is available at the customer support department of Facebook.

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Support URL :   https://www.facebook.com/help/community/question/?id=1592262577573534
Address :             Menlo Park, CA
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