Why is my Facebook messenger not working?

Facebook has launched the messenger feature to integrate it with the Facebook account of a user and make him chat friends on Facebook without logging in to its account every time. Some people use this feature enormously but encounter some issues in its functioning.

The problem of Facebook messenger not working on laptop or any other device is one of the critical issues which you need to solve for using Messenger with all its features.

What are the reasons for Facebook messenger not working problems?

There are various reasons which cause Facebook messenger not to work properly on the device at which you are using it.

Some of the major reasons for Facebook messenger not working on iPhone or any other device are given below.

Network Problem

Many people do not consider it an issue that impacts the workability of the messenger. But this reason causes major problems in the working of the messenger.

The fact which makes the internet an essential requirement is that messenger requires the internet to work otherwise you will face Facebook messenger not working on iPhone, Android, or desktop device.

•           Non-availability of the internet connection in your area.

•           Poor signals due to outdated network cards.

•           Using a damaged or manhandled network cables.

•           Router not working due to malfunction.

These can be reasons which cause network problems in your mobile or desktop device.

Outdated messenger software

Irrespective of the fact that you are using Messenger on Android or iOS devices, you will encounter the problem of Facebook messenger not working on iPhone or other devices.

Updating the messenger is very crucial for eliminating malicious bugs, enjoying the latest features, upgrading the UX, etc.

Not getting the messenger update notification can be one of the main reasons which prevent you not to update the messenger.

Temporary Data

The cache or any other temporary data which has accumulated in your device may cause the Facebook messenger not working on chrome or other locations.

When the temporary or Cache data become corrupt, it presents a lot of problems in the connectivity of the device.

As discussed earlier, any connectivity issue makes Facebook messenger cease working.

Security software

There is some security software which creates obstacles in the processing of messenger and makes Facebook messenger not working on laptop problem.

The security or anti-virus software may consider Facebook messenger as a threat to the device.

In this case, you need to call to amend the settings of that software to eradicate that issue.

Virus in the device

Those desktop or mobile devices which are attacked by any harmful virus can also create Facebook messenger not working on laptop issue.

These digital viruses may harm the entire OS of your device or attack specifically on the Facebook messenger application.

Faulty Network Settings

On your iPhone or Android device, if you have amended the settings incorrectly, then you may face Facebook messenger not working on iPhone problem this will halt the working of the messenger.

Outdated Google Chrome

Numerous people who use chrome does not care about the version of the Google chrome they are using.

If they are employing an outdated version of the messenger on work, then they will most probably face the Facebook messenger not working on chrome issue.

If you are facing Facebook messenger not working on laptop or any other problem, contact the Facebook customer support for assistance.

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