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Are you having problems in operating your SBCglobal account due to any reason? Do you want to get desired tech support for your problems? If yes, then all you can contact us at Sbcglobal customer service.

SBCglobal users are always confused whenever they encounter a lot of technical issues in their account. At this time, they need robust customer service from the skilled tech experts. They might experience a list of issues while using their account. Some of these issues are enlisted as under:-

Services Offered via Sbcglobal support number

  • Set up issues
  • Installation issues
  • Spam issues
  • Send and receive email issues
  • Mobile settings configuration issues
  • Changing mail themes
  • Managing inbox mail tabs
  • Undo send feature to hold mails after sending them
  • Changing mail background
  • Adding word and photo signature to mails
  • Moving mails between tabs
  • make active vacational auto reply
  • Sbcglobal issues in different browser
  • Blocking/unblocking any sender
  • Error in sending and receiving mails
  • Sbcglobal configuring for different client mailers

How to sync sbcglobal account with android?

Synchronizing your sbcglobal accounts with android has been an easy procedure with the help of sbcglobal tech support. Under the appropriate guidance of the tech team, you are capable to do the similar in an easy way. Sbcglobal uses an AT&T email server settings.

  • Release application on your android phone.
  • Hit on “Email” and select “Add Account”.
  • Fill in your sbcglobal email id and password in the equivalent fields.
  • Choose “POP3” as Account Type.
  • In the incoming server box, type “”.
  • In the Outgoing server box, type “”
  • For the “Incoming mail server”, select “POP3”.
  • In the incoming and outgoing user name, enter your full sbcglobal email address.
  • Check the security as “SSL” and port number as “995” for the incoming mail.
  • Check the security as “SSL” and port number as “465” for the outgoing mail.
  • Tap on “Next” to confirm the settings.

How to setup Sbcglobal Email on Ipad?

  • Release “Settings” and go to “Mail, Contacts, and Calendars”.
  • Tap on “Accounts” and go to “Add Account” and choose “Other” option from the list.
  • Hit on “Add Mail Account”.
  • Fill up your name, email id and password and tap “Next”.
  • Then snap on “POP” server type.
  • Enter “” in incoming mail server.
  • Enter “” in the outgoing mail server.
  • Snap “Next” and save the changes made.
  • Now you can access your sbcglobal email on your iPad.

Why to avail support from Sbcglobal customer service?

Apart from these issues, there can be a long list of other issues which can trouble a SBCglobal user. However the best course for this hapless user is to contact to SBCglobal customer service which is just designed to help the users in the best way in these adverse circumstances. You can easily come out of any trouble you are experiencing in your account. There is a procedure to fix any issue and that will be made understandable to you by executives. Once you call on number they will help you in the most professional way. They will provide you all sorts of information you need in order to fix your issues. If you have configuration issues, then you can get desired information from these representatives and they will support you with the right procedure which is needed by you.

Why Need Sbcglobal Customer Support?

After getting SBCglobal customer support services will be able to fix your issues in no time and will be able to operate your email account without any error. One thing you should understand is that you need to provide detailed knowledge about your problems so that techies can provide you help as per your requirements. They can aid you in a number of ways which can be surely helpful for you. You can avail their email support, chat support whichever you find more suitable for you. Hence if you have determined to go for support, then do not wait any-more and call their SBCglobal support number straightforwardly

Phone Number :    +1 800-331-0500
Call Time :             Average Wait:2 mins — Mon-Sat: 24 hour
Company URL :
Support URL :
Address :             Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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