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Yahoo is one of the main email website provider discovered in early twenty first century. As time progressed and internet technology got more advanced, people switched from personalized mails to texts and promoting themselves to social networking site. Even though personal circle of people has only multiplied thus making people use several platforms to keep in touch. But if you are also a professional employee, you would only be using mails to carry forward all corporate undertakings. And in this era of digital revolution, deep down people still rely on old platforms of emails. Hence if you are also one of them, you would also be forgetting password of your accounts. Forgetting password of Yahoo account often gets annoying since it refrains people from accessing their mails. But that’s pretty chilled affair as you can recover your lost password with three effective methods. To know how, tap on below details of Yahoo account recovery.

Methods of Yahoo account recovery

One can easily recover their lost Yahoo account by following below methods.

Using Yahoo account recovery phone number

  • Tap on official website and click on sign in link
  • Now tap on forgot id and password option
  • As page appears, choose any one method
  • As you choose phone number, you will receive a recovery code in the text of phone
  • Enter that code in box and set a new password
  • Re enter the password again and you are done
  • Apart from yahoo account recovery by phone number, you can also use another method. Tap below to know about the methods.

By alternative email

  • Click on forgot id and password on yahoo sign in page
  • Choose alternative email option
  • As the page loads, click on the code received on the mail
  • Now enter that code in mail
  • Now you can set a new password
  • Also reenter the password to confirm the changes and you are done.

If suppose none of the methods work, you can also use Yahoo account recovery with the help of security questions.  Tap below to know how.

Using Yahoo account recovery security questions

  • Follow all the above common steps and click on security option
  • As the page loads, you have to answer privacy questions
  • Post answering, Yahoo will try verifying your Yahoo account
  • And as you succeed, you can set a new password
  • Re-enter the password and confirm it.

And that’s all. For more information, contact Yahoo account recovery team for further instructions.

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