Procedure of Google account recovery date of birth 

Undoubtedly, Google is one of the finest multinational companies which are known for providing internet-related products and services. And one such finest service includes Google account service, which is a user account used for accessing various applications and services, and to perform routine email activities. Further, developers have even included some of the latest features in the email that has made it easier for the users to perform various online activities. Also, with the latest developments that basic account has become one of the basic requirements for the users. 

However, there are times when some users might encounter an issue with their Google account, especially during the time of Google account recovery because of lost access to the recovery options. Luckily, the developers have come up with multiple recovery options that one can opt to easily recover their Google account if one of the recovery options fail. 

Besides, there are many users who have a query whether they can recover their Google account using their date of birth? Well, as per the current recovery methods there no such recovery option that offers a way to recover their account using Google account recovery date of birth. However, one can use the other Google account recovery options to gain back access to their account. So, to help out the user here is the simple recovery process that one can follow to access their Google account. 

How to recover Google account by using date of birth find below few steps:-

The procedure for Google account recovery date of birth is really simple. The user simply needs to select a recovery option and verify their account to create a new password for their account. Hence, for the users who wish to recover their Google account in time, here are the instructions that they need to follow carefully. 

  • At first, the user needs to enter https // for help in the URL tab after launching the browser. 
  • Then, the user is required to provide the username of the account which they wish to recover. 
  • Further, the user needs to click on the Next option and proceed with the recovery process. 
  • After that, the user will be provided with an option to enter the last password of their account. 
  • In case, if the user is unable to provide the last password for their Google account they can click on another way option. 
  • Then, the user will be provided with an option to receive a code via phone. 
  • In the above recovery option, the recovery phone number is the one you provided in the recovery details. 
  • In case, if the user fails to access the phone they can opt for the recovery via email option by clicking on another way option. 
  • Further, the recovery code will be provided to the user through email. 
  • Once the code is provided, the user can enter that particular code when prompted and click on submit option. 
  • Further, the account of the user will be verified and will be provided with an option to reset the password of their account. 
  • Then, the user needs to enter the new password for their Google account and click on the Save option.
  • Once the new password is submitted, the user can easily access their Google account using the new password. 

Hence, this was a simple procedure to recover Google account by using date of birth. Still, if the user has any queries regarding the recovery process, they can feel free to contact the support for required help. 

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