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iPhone, the name itself makes our mind very much known about the device. iPhones were introduced by Apple and since its launch it has made a boon in the electronic markets. Now a days every person’s wish is to have an iPhone as its features, sound quality, camera quality and other working techniques are really amazing and are the best in use.

Despite all these remarkable features there are still many times when the people face various troubleshooting issues while accessing their iPhones. But, to all these issues mentioned below there are solutions through which the folks will be able to fix them. For more assistance the customer can get in touch with the iPhone customer service team and can seek help from the trained and qualified customer representatives.

Some of the issues and its troubleshooting solutions for Apple iPhone are :

How to fix iPhone screen black?

  • Firstly, select the sleep/wake button the iPhone.

  • This will switch on the iPhone device.

  • If the users see only the black screen then they should reset their device.

  • The users need to press and select the sleep/wake button and also the home button simultaneously for few seconds.

  • By doing this the users will get the Apple screen.

  • As soon as they get the Apple screen they should leave that button and their issue will be solved.

How to fix iPhone is disabled connect to itunes?

  • First of all simply plug in the USB to the computer.

  • While doing this the users should not connect that to the iPhone.

  • Further, users need to launch their itunes so that it can work.

  • Now, select the home button and also the sleep button together for almost 10 seconds till the iPhone switches off.

  • Then, keep on selecting the home button but leave the sleep button.

  • The users then need to plug in the USB connector to get it connected with the iPhone.

  • By doing this the itunes will show a message namely an iPhone has been detected in the recovery mode.

How to fix iPhone passcode lock?

  • First of all the users need to visit the link icloud.com/find from any other device which the users have at that time.

  • The users then need to sign in to their icloud account with the user name and password.

  • Now, at the browser window the users need to select on all devices option which is mentioned at the top of that particular page.

  • Now, the users should click on that device which they want to erase.

  • Select on erase device so that the device and its passcode gets deleted.

  • Lastly, the users can restore from the back up or can even set up their device as a new one.

Get in touch with iPhone customer service number

Therefore, if users still face problems in solving these issues then they can contact the customer service by dialing its iPhone customer service number at any time of the day. The number can be availed from the Apple site whenever the customer want to.

Phone Number :    1-800-694-7466 (USA), 1-800-263-3394 (Canada)
Call Time :            
Company URL :   https://www.apple.com/iphone
Support URL :   https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201232
Address :             Cupertino, California, United States
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