Is it possible to reset your Optimum email password?

Nowadays, email has become a necessity for internet users, and they look for a service provider who offers excellent services along with great features. Optimum is one of the best free web-based service providers that are also into internet services. Apart from rendering high-quality services, Optimum also gives a chance to the email users for resetting the lost password. The service to reset a forgotten Optimum password is approachable through a very generous procedure. More brief details about the Optimum password reset are as explained below.

What is the correct procedure for reset Optimum password?

Optimum account holders might find it difficult to reset their password. However, it is very simple if a person knows the right procedure for performing the task as well as they can provide all the required details. Therefore, the most accurate steps to reset the Optimum password are as instructed below:

  • Firstly, launch a browser and visit the official web page of Optimum on it
  • After that, you have to look for the reset link and tap to open it
  • Further, you have to provide your registered account ID and then move to CAPTCHA verification
  • Submit the correct CAPTCHA code in the blank space as same as the available on the screen
  • Next, you get registered phone number and alternate options for recovery
  • Later, Optimum will send a temporary password in the chosen data among a number or email
  • After that, you have to login into your Optimum account with that temporary password
  • Next, go to the profile menu and choose personal info tab from there
  • Then look for the password change option by scrolling down the list under personal info
  • Now, you have to enter a brand new password in the available field
  • After that, enter the same password that you have created recently in the confirmation box
  • Now that you have confirmed this new password for your Optimum account tap save button
  • Hence, this new password you have created will reset as your Optimum email password

Hence, at the time you forgot the Optimum password and cannot access your emails, and then you can perform the resetting steps incorrect manner as explained above. However, if you failed in resetting your Optimum email login password even you have performed the task in the right manner, then there might be some other issue. Hence, it is advisable that you must contact the Optimum customer care in such a condition for receiving genuine assistance from a technical expert.

Phone Number :    1-800-291-8564
Call Time :            
Company URL :
Support URL :
Address :             Long Island City, New York, NY
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