Don’t know what to do when you forget the password of Gmail account: Here is everything to learn

There are various users who log-in their Gmail accounts on their personal laptop and mobile devices using correct email address and password. It has been depicting that unfortunately when someone forgets the password or email address or the Gmail account, he is not able to access his account instantly. At this, it is mandatory to select I forgot my Gmail password and select the process to recover your Gmail account as soon as possible. In order to recover your Gmail account, you need to enter the correct registered mobile phone or alternate email address to get your account verified instantly. It is necessary to find the relevant answer that would help you recover the password when you forget the password and to fix it you have to select the forget option.

However, when you unable to enter these things and you can select the security question that would help you to allow entering the correct answer of the security question and then a link will allow entering the new password immediately. When you forgot the Gmail password you may show the way to recover the password at your end but when you unable to do so, you can contact support team that would provide you basic advice to get the issue fixed instantly. As per the techies, you can recover the password of your Gmail on your mobile phone also using its app, but if you want to recover it you can simply use its official website to start the process. To avoid you should read the steps pointed down.

Following are the ways assisting you to recover forgotten Gmail account with ease:

·        At first, launch an internet browser and visit the Gmail account sign-in page to access your account immediately.

·        When you face an error after entering the correct credentials, click on forgot password button showing below.

·        Now you have to select the cause of recovering your Gmail account then you may enter the verification resources like a mobile phone number or alternate email address.

·        If you remember the registered mobile phone literally you must enter it and then check it to see the verification code.

·        Enter that code into the deserved field and then select the next button which after a Gmail password recovery link will be showing on the next page.

·        You can now enter the new password into both new and confirm password field and try to access your account at the end of the task.

If your account is accessed successfully, your problem has been resolved right after Gmail account recovery process. Nevertheless, if you require additional help and information with regards Gmail account, you should feel free to contact support team that is on at 24 by 7 on their center.

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