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There is nothing more irritating for an advertiser when you are desperately trying to post an ad on Facebook and waiting for the approval. It becomes bothersome when you are stuck in the review. If you have worked hard to create the Facebook ad, you can't expect that the rejection. If your ad is being reviewed, you have to wait for the approval.

How long Facebook takes for reviewing ads?

There is no specific period for Facebook's ad review time. It is your luck as sometimes it might get approved in 5 minutes whereas in some cases, it goes up to 2 days. If you want to know how long does Facebook take to review ads, then you just have to wait for it. Your task is to create the ad and submit it to the review queue, where it is reviewed by trained professionals of Facebook. It is up to them whether they reject it or approve it. It is observed that if you publish your ads on the business days during normal working hours, it is reviewed faster. 

In case, you think that your ad does not need any changes, you can submit it again. But with more rejections, you will get the red flags affecting your business account. 

Factors affecting the review timing

Here are some of the factors which greatly influence the review timing of ads on Facebook:

  • Your Facebook account ad history matters a lot for the approval of your ad.
  • There is a proper keyword analysis of the ad submitted by you.
  • Your domain analysis is also done properly which means the new domains will have more review time than the existing or older domains.
  • The image posted by you is the ad also affects the review time. There is image analysis also. Facebook checks the image for copywriting and other factors also.

If there is still some query related to Facebook how long to review ads, contact the support team of Facebook. The technical experts will assist with all kinds of issues and queries related to Facebook. To contact them, use the info provided on Facebook's official page.

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