How do you talk to a live person at Google?

Know the methods to talk to a live person at Google

Google has a fabulous customer support team to help people regarding service related queries. However, there are numerous options to get assistance from the customer care team of Google, still talking to a live person for help if the most preferred choice of every user. Moreover, communicating directly with a live person from Google support is very much possible by dialing its call center number. Apart from that, there are a few other options, which connect you to a live person from Google support directly or indirectly. Now if you are wondering that how do you talk to a live person at Google, then this page is the best platform for you to know its process. Look out the details given below for explaining the process to contact a live person from Google support through different means.

Process to communicate Google customer service live person

The most direct and reliable process to communicate with a Google customer service live person is obviously their call center number. This phone number service of the Google is available 24/7 and also free of cost. You can talk directly to a live person from Google support by dialing its phone number. Hence, the process to connect a live person via Google customer service telephone number is as below:

·       You have to dial the customer care phone number of the Google at first

·       Next press the 5 number in your keypad to hear the all options

·       Then 1, 2, and 3 digit key connects you to the different services offered by Google.

·       At last press the 4 digit in your keypad, and then a live customer care person from Google support team will pick your call

·       Now you can tell the officer your query and get a resolution from them

Google live chat

Besides, contacting the Google voice customer service phone number live person, you also have the choice to talk to them regarding your queries via chat box. The process to get help through live chat support of Google is as below:

·       You have to visit the official web page of Google and find the live chat box there

·       Now open the chat box and enter your query related to any of the Google service

·       Then as soon as you enter your query in the box, a reservation executive comes for the help

·       Next, the customer care representative of the Google tries to resolve your query via chat itself.

Email support

Email support is also one option to get help regarding Google related query, but it is an indirect way to contact them. The process to get help from Google email support is as below:

·       Compose an email by entering details about your Google services related query.

·       Then send that email to the customer support email ID of the Google.

·       Now wait for a response from the Google customer care team, which may take longer than 24 hours

Google Help pages

Google has created various help page on different social networking website like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. the process to get an indirect help from the Google customer service is as given below:

·       You need to visit any of the help pages of the Google first

·       Then find the accurate answer to your query by searching through different pages

·       Help pages of the Google customer support are a kind of self-support service

Therefore, the different ways to get help from Google customer service are as explained above. However, the most reliable choice to contact a live person from Google support is obviously their customer service number.  

Phone Number :    1-866-246-6453
Call Time :             6:00am – 5:00pm PST, Monday through Friday
Company URL :
Support URL :
Address :             1600 Amphitheatre Parkway in Mountain View, California, United States.
Connect Mode :            

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