Roku Password Reset Process

Get help for how to reset the Roku password in a simple way

Roku is a well-known series of a streaming player which streams digital media and the content is offered in the form of channels. You can stream the top contents on your TV and are connected to the internet. Although it is chosen and used just because of its best features and services, there are times when the users encounter issues and errors. Among all these issues, the commonly faced issue is the Forgot Roku password. If you are also facing this issue, you can easily reset it. To get details about reset or recovery, you can refer to this article.

Steps for reset Roku password as shown below:-

If you have forgotten your password and you are unable to access your Roku account, you need to reset it. To recover the account password, you must know about the email address. For Roku password reset, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

•        In the first step, you need to browse the reset page of Roku on your computer or Smartphone.

•        Instead of Forgot password page, if you see My account page, it means you are signed-in to your Roku account. In that case, you need to open the Welcome menu and select Sign out. Again try to open the password reset page.

•        On the Forgot password page, you need to enter the Roku email address and Submit.

•        An email is sent to the email address. If you did not receive it, check the spam or junk folders also.

•        You need to select the link provided in the email. This link is only valid for an hour. If it is not opening in the existing browser, you can try opening it in the other browser.

•        Once the link is opened, you can create the new password for your Roku account.

•        You need to enter the new password twice for confirmation and then Submit.

•        Finally, you can use the new password for signing-in to Roku and stream online data.

This is how you can reset your Roku password.

If you need more assistance on the issue of forgot my Roku password, contact the support team. The support team can be contacted through email, phone, live chat or social media platforms. You can choose any of these options to discuss the query or issue related to Roku services. The contact details are easily available on the official website of Roku. The support teams are easily available 24x7 and you can contact them as per your suitable timings. The technical experts will assist you with the best solutions and fixes, to resolve your query.

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