Know how to talk to a real person at HP support service center

HP is one of the popular IT companies that is known for producing a variety of hardware and software products. Further, developers have always ensured that the users offered the finest products equipped with the latest technologies and features. In simple words, HP has always managed to offer its users with the finest services and products. 

Indeed, the HP products and services are incredible, but a few users might face some technical glitch with the services. However, there are times when users might seek from the experts to resolve certain issues. So, to help out the users, HP customer service is introduced where users can seek answers for all their queries and issues in time. 

Overview of HP customer support and its services

To help out the users with certain queries and issues related to HP product, HP customer service real person is launched where the users are offered with 24X7 instant support to resolve issues in time to experience uninterrupted services. Further, the support centers consist of a group of experienced technicians who have expertise in resolving various HP issues in a certain time frame. 

And to help users to get a clear idea about the services offered by HP support, here is the list of some of the basic services offered by the real person at HP support service.

  • Resolving issues related to HP product like printers and computers
  • Troubleshooting minor issues with the products
  • Providing information about HP product or service 
  • Assistance for general sales queries and supplies and more

Contacting HP customer support 

Besides, many users might be wondering how do I talk to a real person at HP, they can check out the contact information mentioned below to reach out to the real person. 

1. Contact via phone call

For contacting a live agent, the user needs to dial the toll-free number as per their concern and say “ It is something else” and in the next prompt say “Home” and stay on the line until a support agent is assigned. 

2. Reach out using social handles

In case, if the user fails to contact the real person over a phone call, they can alternatively use the social media handles to contact the support. Details are given below:-

HP Social Networks Customer Service

3. Opt for live chat assistance

Besides, the user can even seek instant assistance by using the live chat support assistance offered by HP customer service that one can access via the HP support page.

4. Visit HP community page

If a user fails to contact the real page, they can visit the HP community page and post their query to seek the required assistance.  

Phone Number :    800-752-0900
Call Time :             Hours: 24 hours, 7 days; best time to call: 9:05am
Company URL :
Support URL :
Address :             Palo Alto, CA
Connect Mode :            

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