How do I speak to a live person at PayPal?

Get the latest information to speak to a live person at PayPal soon

PayPal is one of the best apps that you can install on your mobile phone to transfer the money and get 50% instant discount on your 1st transaction. This PayPal account is trusted by 300 million customers who transfer the money through this account immediately. If you face any problem while transferring the money to the customers, you can contact our PayPal customer service where you can share your problem with PayPal techies. At the present, there are various people who generally face a common problem when they unable to access tech support team and unable to talk to the live person whom is most important to do but if you don’t know, you are required to collect the more information with ease.    

How to get support with PayPal live person?

If you are striving to access PayPal customer service live person but after the usual runaround trying to navigate through the customer service system, you can find a page that is supposed to let yourself contact PayPal live person by chat or phone call simply. So when you make call to contact a live person, your call will automatically connected to the live person that assures you to provide you the instant help and get the solution with ease.

You can speak to a live person over a phone call, but if you want to learn the way on how to how do I speak to a live person at PayPal, you are required to learn the simple concept that is required to follow and then understand how you can access your representative and talk to him in a general manner.

Following are the ways assisting you to talk to a live person instantly:

·         At first, you need to go to the PayPal website page and then select the description is showing on the page.

·         Go to the down and choose a contact option where you need to enter the correct email address and mobile phone number.

·         Then you must choose the mode of making contact with a live person and go-ahead to talk to him instantly.

·         You can select chat, phone call, email service, and remote assistance to contact live person and start the conversation by saying Hi,

·         You should talk politely over the phone call and share your problem to find the best result soon.

If you want to resolve your problem in connection to the password recovery and change, then you can see the phone number on the same page where you are searching for contact options. Not only this, if have any other issue like PayPal account is not working fine, the app is not detecting on your iPhone or Android device. Email address is not accepting and so on.

Get help to touch with PayPal representative to ask your doubts and fix your problem soon:

·         At first, you need to launch an internet browser and go to the PayPal website page.

·         Go to the log in button and enter the proper email address and password to access and then scroll down.

·         Select the contact link showing down and then you can enter the questions or doubts that you have in your mind.

·         You need to also give the answer to multiple questions showing down and fill the requirement page and access the customer representative finally.   

Thus, if you want to ask any kind of your doubt, you are always free to contact our PayPal customer service representatives who are available at 24 by 7 to provide immediate help instantly.

Phone Number :    1 (888) 221-1161
Call Time :             Hours: Mon-Fri 5am-10pm, Sat-Sun 6am-6pm PST; best time to call: 2:45pm
Company URL :
Support URL :
Address :             San Jose, CA
Connect Mode :            

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