Fix the various Hotmail not working problem via Hotmail customer service

Hotmail is one of the revered email services provided by the Microsoft which is used by the billions of users across the world. Hotmail can easily access Hotmail on various devices including Windows, Android, and iOS. Users can do their mailing works in a very simple and secure way. Hotmail is completely error-free and secured email service. But sometimes users confront various technical issues and Hotmail not working on various devices is one of them. Well, read this article very carefully to learn about the solutions to all those problems effectively or get in touch with Hotmail customer service support team.

Why is my Hotmail not working on my iPhone?

Has Hotmail stopped working on your iPhone? Then it caused due to various reasons. But it doesn’t mean you can’t fix this problem, you can follow the below steps to resolve the problem:

  • Open the Settings on your iPhone.
  • Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Now tap on the Accounts and then choose your Hotmail account.
  • Now go to the IMAP and POP server settings.
  • After that, check that all the settings are correct and if not, then update them.
  • If any steps don’t work, then delete your Hotmail account and re-add it again.

If you are not able to resolve the problem, then contact Hotmail customer service support team to get the effective solutions from the professionals. They will help to resolve your Hotmail not working related problems on iPhone.

Why is my Hotmail not working on my laptop?

If your Hotmail not working on your laptop then follow the below instructions to fix issues on the laptop:

  • First of all, make sure that your internet connection is working properly because due to bad connectivity also create many problems.
  • If you are using a web browser in your computer to access your Hotmail account, then clear the caches and cookies. And then try to access the Hotmail email account.
  • Check the server settings for IMAP and POP3 because without correct settings Hotmail wouldn’t work properly on your computer.
  • Restart your laptop and close the un-responding applications.

How to fix Hotmail not receiving emails?

Are you troubling to receive an email in your Hotmail account? Then you can face this problem due to incorrect email settings, incoming server not responding etc. But after applying the below steps, you can fix this problem:

  • If you are not receiving emails from a particular address, then it means the address has been blocked. You need to unblock that particular email address from the blocked list.
  • Check the filter settings. If you created any filter, then check the other settings as per the requirement.
  • Ensure that server settings for Incoming mail server are correct and configured properly.
  • Confirm the email address from your sender used to send an email to your Hotmail account.

If you are still not receiving emails in your Hotmail account, then contact Hotmail customer service to avail the relevant assistance from the technicians. With their help, you can easily fix Hotmail not receiving emails related issues. They have very good capabilities to resolve the problems that arrived in a Hotmail account.

Why is my Hotmail not working on Mac?

If you are come across the Hotmail not working problem on your Mac, then you can easily get rid of this problem via Hotmail customer service support team or you only need to apply the below steps:

  • If Mail says that your account appears to be offline, then it means you are well connected to the internet. But your email settings are not corrected. So try to correct the server settings. Go to the Preferences and then click on Mail menu. Now click on the Accounts and then select your Hotmail account. After that, correct the server settings.
  • If Mail says that connection is timed out, then it means you are properly connected to the internet but there is an outage problem with your email service provider. You can contact your service provider to fix the issues.

Contact 24/7 Hotmail customer service number for Hotmail technical issues

If you are finding an effective and reliable assistance to fix your various Hotmail related problems, then you don’t any need to go here and there. You can simply dial Hotmail customer service number and obtain the technical support from the certified experts. They will provide all the possible to solutions that will help to resolve the Hotmail not working issues. They can fix all your Hotmail issues in a very short span of time. You only need to make a voice call and they will provide 24/7 assistance.


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