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Google play store is one of the biggest store where user can find everything related to anything. Be it lifestyle, be it health, be it news, entertainment, books, kids, games and the list goes on. This store can bring you all you need.  User just need to have this Google Play store in his smart phone. Then he can download and install various apps either for free or few of them are paid apps. When user finds any difficulty in that , he can contact to Google play customer service. This service is 24/7 available to the user. Either user can email or can call and speak with Google customer service phone number live person. The executives provides most precise solutions in a very easy way that any user can understand. 

Though accessing Google play store is easy but many times user finds that Google play not working. That means due to some reason, may be due to server end or may be due to user end , user is not able to download his favorite app. This is very annoying and need to be fixed as soon as possible.

So, user can go step by step to get over with it. Here we go !

  1.  Check out if the problem is with other users also. If it is so then it may be a temporary issue with the server so will be solved after some time.

  2. If the problem is with the user's phone only then one should first try to clean the unwanted cache created due to countless downloading and installing of apps.

  3. Go to Settings, then Apps and then scroll for Google Play Store.

  4. Click on Force Stop.

  5. Just put the phone in the Aeroplane  mode for few seconds and then back to non Aeroplane mode.

  6. Some times there may be a network issue. Just try to change the WiFi connection and access play store.

  7. Restart the phone.

  8. Try to clear the cache data. Go to Settings.

  9. Then go to App.

  10. Tap on Google Play.

  11. Then on the screen, tap on Clear Data.

  12. Try to completely remove Google Play and reinstall it.


If still it is not working then ask for the Google play customer service support team. The experts will diagnose  the problem and will provide a precise solution.

Another issue that user may face is Why cant I download apps from Play store. The reasons may be similar to the above discussed issue. So user can go for few things:-

  • Restart the device.

  • Check the date and time settings.

  • Clear the cache data.

  • Clear the space by removing few unwanted apps.

  • Check the Internet connection or try to change it.

  • Go for a Google Play update.

  • Go for full software update.

  • Remove and add the Google account again in the device.

Google play customer service phone number live person

If user face the issue of Why my Google Play store has stopped , then also he should go for above discussed troubleshooting steps. This is because, all the three issues are almost similar so one or other solution will work on any of the issues. If not then the best way to get back Google Play is to ask the experts at Google play customer service phone number live person. Here user can be sure of the most effective solutions and can enjoy Google play again ! 

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