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Nexus is a group of savvy gadgets that are sold by Google. Regardless of whether a cell phone or a tablet, the Nexus runs Android – by and large the most recent Android form out there – and speaks to Google's own vision of what an Android gadget should closely resemble.

The best part about using any nexus product is the customer service behind all of its operations. Google nexus customer service is one of the best when it comes to catering the concerns of their customers.

Why Google Nexus not working?

Many a times the customer service has received complaints that their Google nexus just wouldn’t work. This can be very frustrating because you need access and proper functioning of your android device. Our lives these days are highly dependent on our smart phones, starting from the wake up alarm to keeping a track of track of the important events of our daily lives to tracking our physical attributes such as heart beat, blood pressure etc. In order to overcome this obstacle here are a few ways you can fix this issue-

·         Try to see if there is a system update available.

·         Try cleaning the junk files.

·         Disable the additional apps and see if it helps.

·         Try system reboot.

·         Delete all the apk files.

Google nexus not showing up on computer

Some of the reports that have been received by the customer support department suggest that at times user’s nexus phone is not showing up on the computer even though it is very much connected or that the computer is just not recognizing the nexus device. In that case please follow the steps given here to troubleshoot this issue-

·         Check your USB cable there might be a fault with that.

·         Restart both the devices if your nexus device won’t show on the computer.

·         Update your android version

·         Try to download the pc suite for your phone.

If the problem still doesn’t go contact Google nexus customer service via email or the Google nexus customer service number.

Google Nexus not powering on

This is not a very big issue to worry about. It can happen due to n number of reasons, nothing to panic about. We have listed down the steps for you to fix this issue try them on your device-

·         Hold on the power button for 30 seconds.

·         Put your device on charging, it may have ran out of battery.

·         It can be a possibility that your charger has broken down and therefore there is no charge in your device.

·         Take out and re-insert the battery after cleaning it a little.

Why Google Nexus Customer Service Phone Number?

All of the above steps are thoroughly tried and tested. Still if they do not work for you, you are advised to contact the Google nexus customer service phone number as they will fix it soon for you.

Phone Number :    
Call Time :            
Company URL :   https://www.google.com/nexus/
Support URL :   
Address :            
Connect Mode :            

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