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Do you want to voice control to various Chromecast devices that are scattered around the house you are living in? If yes, then the best answer for you is Google Home. As it is a device, there can be troubles with the Google Home also. Here are some issues that generally appear and how to fix them when they appear. If the following solutions do not help, you can also contact Google home customer service but let’s read below first.

Troubleshooting issues of Google home

Google Home can help you in throwing the favorite Netflix shows or YouTube videos to the television of your house, stream the music or listen to news and podcasts. All the smart devices can be controlled around the house with a little work and that is having Google Home speak notifications from the phone you use. Google Home becomes hands off device after finishing initial setup and requires very less maintenance. But if you face some issues, here are solutions too.

Connectivity Issues

In a house where there are connected gadgets present, there can be many connectivity issues. If there is some connectivity issue that you are facing with Google Home, check firstly whether there is some problem in connection or not. Sometimes, it might happen that Google Home is not turning on and that lead to connection issues. For solving this, power cycle speaker first of all and the modem and router also. If the problem can still be seen, then move Google Home a bit closer to router. If the problem is faced by other devices also, then the problem might be fixed by moving the router to a location that is more centralized. For relieving some congestion, instead of connecting Google Home to 2.4 GHz, try connecting it to a 5 GHz wireless network as this one will be with less interference.

Why Google Home not responding?

The biggest and most irritating situation is why Google Home is not responding and that can be nerve wrecking to find the reasons. The reasons for this problem can be like the placement of speaker is near any noisy appliance because of which it is having trouble in getting activated with voice. The noisy appliances can interfere with the Google Home mic array. The best option for solving this problem is by moving the speaker of Google Home away from those noisy appliances. With this, be sure that the mic is not switched off which is usually shown by four yellow lights appearing in light ring on Google Home.

Incorrect Home location

There are many requests of Google Home like traffic updates and weather updates, that need location data for giving accurate results. If the addresses of the home or work place are not correctly set, the information that will be provided by Google Home will be not so accurate. For solving this problem, you have to set the locations of your places and they can be done in following ways:

1.       Open the app for Google Home on Android or iOS device.

2.       Now, you have to click the hamburger button present in the top left side of the app.

3.       Click on More Settings.

4.       Scroll down and click Personal Info present under Google Account Settings.

5.       Now, click Home & Work Locations.

6.       There, you can enter the addresses and click OK.

Why Need Google Home Customer Service Phone Number?

If the issues that are discussed above appear, you can solve them with the help of solutions provided with the problems. But if the problem still persists and you are unable to solve it, you can simply contact Google Home customer service phone number and get quick solutions via expert technicians.

How do I contact Google home support?

Google home is a smart speaker which can be used at home it is developed by Google, this device supports voice search queries of the user and acts as a virtual assistant which provides the most relevant results to the user.  

Google home is developed under Google nest program and if the user requires the help of the customer service then he can connect with them by using the following ways.

Customer support through Call back service

If the user of Google home requires the help of Google customer service then he can contact them with a phone call and get the solution to their queries this can be done by using this process.

  • Visit the Google help web pages.
  • Scroll down and click on Google Nest.
  • Type Need Help? and click on the related article
  • Scroll down the new web page
  • Click on request a callback.
  • Fill the form (select the device “Google Home”).

Call back support is only available for the residents of the USA, UK and Canada.

Customer support through Phone call

The user can get an instant solution to the problem by using the call service and talk to the representative of Google customer service. This service is also available only to the residents of the USA, UK and Canada.

Customer support via Chat

To get the real-time solution of their issue, the users can contact customer service through chat by filling the form and get the solution of the problem.

In addition to this, a user can also use social media some social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to reach the Google home customer service.

Phone Number :    Google Home support specialist: U.S.: 1-855-971-9121, U.K.: 0800 026 1217, Canada: 855-925-7077
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