How do i contact Google customer service phone number live person?

Google is the company that has been of great help for the people in every part of the world. People of different ages are fond of its services and products which are spread in every section of the market. Not only this, but Google has also given exposure to a lot of new and interesting things which helped in enhancing the technology and way of thinking of the people in many ways. Apart from this, Google also has a dedicated and separate team of customer service which readily helps the passengers in every which way possible.

Why is there need to contact Google customer service phone number live person?

Everything in this world faces issues and complications at some point or the other. So, if the user is facing issues while working with any of the Google-operated service or product, the user is free to contact Google customer service. By getting help from Google customer service live person the users get a resolution to their issue and also get satisfaction. There can be many issues which can take place while working with Google. Some of the complications are mentioned below.

  1. Logging in or log out the issue of the Google account.
  2. Unable to send or receive email on Gmail account
  3. The problem in uploading backups, photos, videos etc on Drive or Google photos.
  4. Google Maps is not working
  5. Google chrome is not responding to any command.
  6. Unable to access or recover any of the Google accounts.
  7. Issues faced while deactivating the account or getting back the blocked account.
  8. Ok Google not working or responding
  9. Google Pixel Troubleshooting
  10. Unable To Open Google In Internet Explorer
  11. Why Is My Youtube Not Working Properly
  12. Why Is My Google Drive Not Working Properly
  13. Google Cant Verify My Account Belongs To Me
  14. Can I Call Google To Recover My Account
  15. How to verify my Google account?

And there can be many issues which a user can face while working with any of the Google services. Let us explain resolutions to some of the Google related complications before you reach to Google support number for help.

Learning to Fix the Glitches faced while Using Google

Issue 1: Knowing How to Get Back the Gmail account

  1. From the web browser go to Gmail.
  2. Enter the username in the space on screen and tap “Next”.
  3. Tap on “forgot password” and you will be redirected to Google recovery page.
  4. Select the option of recovery using the phone and then tap “Send Code”.
  5. Enter the verification code in the space on the screen and then tap “Next”.
  6. Gmail will then ask to create a new password. Hence create the password that is strong and tap “Next”.
  7. The password gets changed and you get back your account.

Issue 2: Google Chrome Not Working

There can be a lot of problem for Google Chrome not responding.

  1. Clear the Caches, history and cookies from the settings of Chrome.
  2. Update your version of Google Chrome from the play store.
  3. Check the internet connection working properly or not.

Therefore, with the resolutions above the users can easily fix any of the issues. However, in case of any other complication, they are free to contact Google technical support.

Issue 3: How do you update components on Chrome?

Google automatically updates most of the components on Chrome. Whenever a new version is available Chrome goes on updating itself in the background while you work on the web browser.

You can also perform the up gradation procedure manually:

  • Select “About Google Chrome” from the Chrome menu in the browser toolbar.
  • The current version number will appear beneath the Chrome heading.
  • Chrome will check for updates when the user is on this page.
  • You will get a button at the foot of the screen called “Relaunch”.
  • Click it and go for any available update automatically.

Features of Google customer service

The features of this service can be mentioned below.

  1. The customer care is 24/7 active so that the user can contact any time.
  2. The resolutions are given in a short span of time.
  3. The customer representatives are qualified and fully trained and will be delighted to help all the passengers.
  4. There is also a separate Google customer service number for some specialized concern.
  5. This customer support is also available online, on chat support or on the helpline number.

Therefore, the user shall not hesitate to get his issues resolved.

Phone Number :    650-253-0000
Call Time :             Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm
Company URL :
Support URL :
Address :             1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA
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