How to Recover Hotmail password without phone number, alternate email or security question?

Have you lost your hotmail account? You are worried because you don’t have access to your alternate email, security question, or phone number. We request for keeping your worries away as we have come with three genuine answers to the question how to recover hotmail password. Yes, the password recovery methods are complicated and require proper technical knowledge. But we have presented them in a simplified manner. Here you will get the steps of how to recover hotmail password without alternate email. It will be followed by the steps of recovering hotmail password without security question and the steps of recovering hotmail password without a phone number.

How to recover Hotmail password without alternate email?

•        Open your web browser and type the official web address of the webmail

•        Navigate to the SIGN IN page and enter the login credentials

•        Here you need to click on the CAN’T ACCESS EMAIL ACCOUNT option

•        Now you can look for the option below the password space box

•        You will be redirected to the SIGN IN page


•        You are required to enter the login email address and CAPTCHA code in the space provided

•        Click on DONE

•        Choose the recovery method if you are a new user

•        We suggest choosing the phone number recovery

•        The Hotmail management will send a four-digit-code to your registered phone number if you have preferred this option; enter this four-digit-code

•        You will get the chance of entering a new password

•        Try to enter a password which includes letters, symbols, and special characters

•        SAVE the changes

How to recover Hotmail password without security question?

•        Open your web portal and type this link in its browsing field


•        Now you will be prompted to enter your Hotmail email account login credentials

•        Also, type your Hotmail address in the space labeled as WINDOWS LIVE ID

•        Go to the below section of the PASSWORD field and click on the icon as FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD?

•        A new page will open

•        Now you need to type your email address into space next to WINDOWS LIVE ID

•        A picture with the set of CAPTCHA characters; i.e., letters and numbers; will appear

•        Type these characters into the blank box (remember, the CAPTCHA characters are not case-sensitive)

•        snap on CONTINUE; a new page will emerge

•        Find the RADIO button next to the SEND PASSWORD RESET INSTRUCTIONS TO ME IN E-MAIL option

•        Click on CONTINUE

•        Click on the RADIO button next to the alternative email address you entered during the account setup

•        The Hotmail management will then send you sent instructions to your alternative email address

•        These instructions will help you in recovering your lost account

How to recover Hotmail password without a phone number?

Hotmail account password recovery without using the alternate phone number is similar to the password recovery without the alternate email address. In this case, you need to follow the same steps with a different selection of recovery option. As you know, you will get options for phone number recovery and security questions recovery. You just need to the security questions recovery if in this case. Hopefully, you have received the answer to the question, how to recover hotmail password without phone number.

How to get technical assistance for error-less password recovery?

Whether it is the operating system or webmail service, Microsoft has recruited specified tech support staffs for assisting the users of its products. Hotmail is Microsoft's official email service. The management of this tech company has trained their tech support professionals and prepared them for world-class services. Hotmail support is connecting its users with a helpdesk number which is considered as the best friend of the email account users. Simply dial the helpdesk number and ask how to recover hotmail password without security question, alternate email, or recovery phone number. These engineers are known for their user-friendly approach and utmost professionalism.

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