How to fix Google Voice not working on your device?

Google Voice is a product of the Google Inc. This product has made our daily lives more comfortable in terms of using the technology. It lets users to use Google search with their voice instead of typing. Not only this, you can also use Google voice to operate some of the apps of your Smartphone, like you can set alarm, reminders, etc. with your voice. Just say OK Google to launch the application on your Smartphone and give a speech command. For example, if you want to set an alarm at 5 AM, you just have to say set an alarm at 5 O’clock in the morning after saying OK Google.

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If Google Voice search (OK Google) is not working on your device, you can resolve it in the following steps:

  • First of all, you have to test the mic of your android Smartphone. To do this, launch the voice recorder on your phone and record your voice for 1 minute. After recording your voice, listen to it carefully. If there is any irregularity in the recorded voice, the mic of your device is not working properly.
  • Check if OK Google on your device is turned ON or OFF. if it is turned OFF, then turn it ON. If it is already turned ON, or if the same problem arises after turning it ON, then there might be the language issue. Now, open the Google app and swipe from left to right on the screen to open the menu. Tap on Settings option, then on Voice option. After that, tap on Languages option to view the currently selected language or set a new language. You can set up to 5 languages at a time to recognize your voice by Google Voice.
  • If after performing the above two steps, Google Voice search is still not working, there might be a possibility of network issue. Check your internet connection.
  • If everything is OK, i.e., the mic is working properly, internet connection is healthy, and there is no language issue, you have to check for Google Assistant software issue. Reboot your device as in most of the cases; a simple reboot will fix the problems. At last, check for Google App updates.

The above written steps are for android Smartphone’s and tablets. Below listed are the steps for fixing the issue of Google Voice not working on iPhone:

  • First of all, check for the hardware issue. Check if the mic of your iPhone is working properly or not.
  • Turn ON OK Google. To do this, open Google app. At the top left side of the home screen, tap your profile image, then on Voice Search. After that turn ON OK Google hotword.
  • Now, check for Google app update.
  • If there is any update released, install it. After installing it, open OK Google app and check if the issue is fixed. Say OK Google.

How do I get Google Voice on my iPad?

You can download and install Google Voice on iPad in the following steps:

  • Go to the app store of your iPad and search for Google Voice.
  • Download the Google Voice app on your iPad and install it. Now, login with your Google account and accept the Terms and Conditions, and select any of the following options: I want a new number or I want to use my mobile number.
  • Now, launch the Google Voice app on your iPad and login with your Google account details. Click on Remember Me, if you do not want to enter your login credentials every time.

Still someone find or facing any issue regarding Google voice not working or voice search not working then get in touch with Google customer service for instant support 

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Is someone else having issues with google voice not working? It immediately stopped working out of the blue. When I dial a number it ask over me do I want to call by phone or gv I choose phone and it took me back to the dialer menu and then I tried selecting gv and it did the something....
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