Blue Screen Error in Windows 7&10 solution

Get an Easy Method to Resolve Blue Screen of Death in Windows 10 and Windows 7

Nowadays there are billions of computer/laptop users, use the Windows 10 users, because Microsoft promises Windows 7, and Windows Phone 8.1 users as you can free upgrade to Windows 10 within one year. Windows 10 is excellent software just like as its predecessors, but you must require to time-to-time upgrade it. Otherwise, you will get unexpected errors or problem for running it. Well, many Windows 10 users are reported to be getting the Computer blue screen of death error when they up-grade the Windows 10 and windows 7 on the computer, Normally the Blue screen of death (BSOD) error happens due to faulty BIOS settings.

You can efficiently resolve the Computer blue screen error by performing some easy procedures or steps into your computer.

How to fix Blue Screen of Death in Windows 10:-

Method 1:- Use Safe Mode

1.      When you get the blue screen on your computer, then switch the power button (OFF).

2.      Press the F8 key until the Windows screen appears. 

3.      Press the down arrow until the “Safe Mode with Networking” is enabled.

4.      Go with just “Safe Mode” instead.

Method 2:- Using System Restore

1.      Go into the Repair mode.( Windows 10 will automatically go into the Repair mode, when you are stuck in a Blue Screen of Death reboot loop,)

2.      Go to the “System Restore” option.

3.      Select a Date/point prior to when you started getting the BSOD.

4.      Then System Restore will automatically restore your computer to a prior time, and removing any changes made to your computer by Windows Update.

 Method 3:- Check Hardware

Check your hardware, maybe it RAM, and Graphics card problems.

How to fix Blue Screen of Death in Windows 7:-

If your Windows 7 is not starting due to the Blue Screen errors, then you can use various ways to fix this problem.

Method 1:- Boot into Safe Mode.

1.      Press F8 Key until the Windows boot menu appears

2.      Select the “Safe Mode with Networking” to boot.

3.      Now you can access your “Device Manager”, the “Internet”, and other system tools.

Method 2:- Run a virus scan.

Ensure that you have the latest antivirus software installed on your computer, and performed the entire task completely.

Method 3:-Clear up hard disk space.

You require removing the unnecessary files and programs if you have less than 15% of your Hard Disk free.

Therefore, hope all these methods will help you to fix your Computer blue screen error, but in any case it’s not working properly or you want to know another method to fix it. Then you contact our customer support geeks to get technical help of third party technical support experts and complete guidance to resolve this problem with refined approaches. 

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