How to Create Gmail Account?

Check out here for how to create gmail account,follow these steps as showned bellow:

Step 1: Type in your browser and press enter. This will open the Gmail page on your screen. Click on “Create New Account” to sign up for new account.

Step 2: You will now be required to fill “Creating account Form”. Following are the options that will appear along with the guidelines on how to fill them.

  • Name: You need to enter your full name in front of this option. You can also edit it later if you want.
  • Select your user name: This is the most important entry which cannot be changed in future in any circumstances. This is your user name for the Gmail account. Enter your desired Gmail nickname in the form of Your username can contain dots, number or letters with a minimum and maximum length of 6 and 30 respectively. If you get a notification, “user name has already been in use” you will have to enter new username and see if it works.
  • Password & Confirm your password: Choose a strong password for your account with a minimum of 8 characters which should contain a mix of numbers, characters, uppercase and lowercase characters. Avoid using simple or easily predictable passwords.
  • Birthday: Type in your date of birth in the required format. Note that your age must be more than 13 years old according to your entered date of birth to be eligible for creating account.
  • Gender: Choose among male, female or other whichever applicable.
  • Mobile: Type in your correct mobile number as this will be useful while recovering your password or for sending any one time passwords. This is not compulsory but strongly recommended.
  • Your current email address: This option allows you to enter your any other already existing account that will be linked to this account and used for important communications and password recovery.
  • Skip this verification step: You can tick this option if you want to skip entering the captcha code displayed below for verification. However if you skip this, you will be required to verify using the verification code that will be send to your phone number to complete the registration process.
  • Enter the captcha: Carefully type the exact characters that you see in the image below.
  • If you are unable to understand any character of the captcha, you can switch to other image or use the speaker option to get the code spoken on your speakers.
  • Eventually complete the formalities by agreeing to the “Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy” by checking in the box.

Check all the information that you entered and then click on Next.

Step 3Set your personal profile. Your account is now ready with the profile that you need to fill. You can also skip this option do it later. Press Next

Step 4: Now click, “Continue to go to” and this will take you to your Gmail inbox immediately.  

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