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Computing has lead human towards new exploration. This was biggest innovation of 20th century which lead to unparalleled prospective and explosion of knowledge. Whatever is the technological revolution which we are seeing right now in the world? The sole contribution goes to the advancement of computing and computers. Personal computers play and integral role in our life. Today we cannot imagine a life without the personal computer. The role of personal computer is increasingly on daily basis both commercially or personally. Today’s it has become the part of our mainstream life. It is the door to the digital world but with the time, it has evolved a lot. Personal computers have reduced in the size and new development has lead towards the rise of Laptops.

Laptop is one of the leading and most important innovations of our time. It’s discovering has not only revolutionized the personal office spaces but our life too. Now, we no longer feel care about the data security as we can carry it from anywhere in the world. All the computational power which we tend to do on larger machines can be done of the machines. There is numerous number of laptop making company in the world but none can come close to the kind of performance it provides to the user as compared to one company i.e. HP customer service will helps and guide you in fixing any problem related to HP product.

HP Laptop is one of the major and most popular laptop making company in the world. It is one of the major names in the related services providing company which makes host range of product like routers, switches and other services. The great thing about the HP laptop is regarding is strong hardware and software qualities, it’s versatility as well as reasonable pricing/ But sometimes user does problem while working on it, one of them common problem user face is regarding how to fix hp laptop battery are not working. User can take the assistance from the HP customer service support team or follow the simple procedure given below:

  • First click on the start button of the windows.
  • Now click on the Device manager tab and then open the device manager box.
  • Again look for the battery and make sure to expand it.
  • Further right click on the Microsoft ACPI compliant control method battery and uninstall it.
  • Shutdown the laptop and then remove the battery and then unplug the power Adapter.
  • Again press and hold the power button for one minute.
  • Now put back the battery and connect the power adapter.
  • Look for the plugging charging message on the battery icon.

Inspire that hp laptop does faces certain issue, one of the common issue user faces is regarding keyboard.  The most common of all the problems related to the keyboard is regarding how to fix hp laptop keyboard not working Issue. User can take the assistance from the technical team or follow these simple procedures:

  • First of all, shut down the computer and then restart it.
  • Further make sure to continuously press the Esc key so those startup menus screen display.
  • If the start up menu screens opens then press the F10 key to open the BIOS settings.
  • Press the F10 to accept the changes in settings.
  • Now, Further Restart the computer to check they are working fine if not then uninstall the keyboard software.
  • For doing so, go to the control panel and click hardware and sound and then click on Device Manager.
  • Under the device Manager especially Devices and printers. Click on view and select show hidden device.
  • Double click keyboards and then click on uninstall to remove the device from windows.

After this, one of the critical issue face by the user while working on the hp is how to fix hp laptop freezing issue. User can directly follow these steps or follow these simple procedures

  • Open the laptop and then click on the power button and click on restart it.
  • Make sure to choose the option screen and then troubleshoot and then advanced options.
  • Again, click startup setting and then further click on restart.
  • Now press the 4 key to restart the computer in safe mode.
  • Again, when the windows desktop display comes then click on the safe mode in the four corner of screen.
  • Further go to the control panel and then click on programs and features.
  • Select the application which is causing lockups or freezing.
  • Further click on the uninstall or uninstall/change.
  • Follow the onscreen instruction to remove the application.
  • After you continuously remove the uninstalling software in this manner and then removed all the software associated with lockups.
  • Restart the computer.

For instant support contact at HP customer service number

In case, if you ever need assistance it’s better to call at the HP customer service number. Their technical representatives will listen to all your grievances and complaints and make sure that it is fixed on time. They work 24*7/365 days to make sure all the problem will be solved quickly.

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