How to contact toll free Google pixel customer service phone number?

Get connected via Google Pixel customer service and their easy resolutions 

Google Pixel is a consumer electronic devices line from Google, where the Google Phones run either on Chrome OS or Android operating system. To know more about Google phones, laptops, tablets, etc. the user is recommended to dial the Google Pixel customer service number and seek their expert assistance and collect the required information.

Google Pixel Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting the issue of Google Pixel is the best practice to resolve the issue. The most and the common problem with Google Pixel is that the user face poor Wi-Fi connection or no connection at all. Moreover, the common problem with smartphones is being unable to get, or maintain an internet connection. To resolve the issue, the user is recommended to follow the following instructions step by step and resolve it. The user initially need to

·       Restart the device

·       Go to Settings then Wi-Fi and toggle the feature off and on and make sure Airplane mode is turned off

·       Remove the network that is being tried to connect by going to Settings and then Wi-Fi

·       Select the network

·       Tap Forget to remove it

·       Re-add it and try connecting once again

·       Reset the network settings from Settings then More (Under Wireless & Networks) and then Network settings reset, Reset settings

·       Restart the router and modem

·       Boot the phone into Safe mode by starting it by pressing and holding the Power button

·       After a moment, a box should appear, touch and hold Power off

·       Message will be displayed “Reboot to safe mode”

·       Tap OK and the device will start in safe mode. The user need to make sure that the words “Safe mode” should be seen in a box at the bottom

·       Restart the phone to exit safe mode and then uninstall any recently installed apps one at a time and keep checking the connection after every uninstall, until Wi-Fi works

·       After the app causing the problem is identified, the user can reinstall the other apps that he or she removed

Google Pixel not responding

After upgrading the Google Pixel, the user faces the problem of Google Pixel not working. The common solution to it is to try to restart the phone. The users need to make sure that none contact are blocked while sending or receiving message or call. In case the user has an iPhone prior this, then need to turn off iMessage before trying to send and receive messages on the new Google Pixel device.Just in case user find any issue or unable sort out then contact at Google pixel customer service number

Why Google Pixel Customer Service Phone Number?

The user can dial Google Pixel customer service number and have a personalised chat with the officials to know an insight on latest updates and features as Google Pixel Phones combine hardware and software made by Google. Moreover, it does not come with an easy-to-use experience as it is laced with features like seamless glass-aluminium body with curvy edges for better grip.



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