Know how long it takes to recover iCloud account

Apple, as you might be aware, is a popular multinational technology company which has offered its customers with multiple services and products to make online activities simple. Further, for the iPhone users, the company has introduced various applications and services which have made it easier for the customers to manage their device data effectively. And one such service includes iCloud. 

For those who are not aware, iCloud is cloud storage or cloud computing service developed by Apple which allows the users to store data. Further, the stored data can be of various forms like photos, music, documents and more. Also, by using this service the users can easily share and send their data to other iOS across multiple platforms and can manage their device when stolen. 

In simple words, iCloud works as a wireless backup for iOS devices. Further, the consumers are also provided with an option to share their data instantly by linking their iCloud account with AirDrop wireless.  


However, being a credible service, there are chances that some customers have encountered issues with their iCloud account like unable to access iCloud account because of the lost password. Luckily, the developers have introduced iCloud account recovery which allows the users to easily recover their account using various alternatives. So, in case, if any customer is facing this issue then one can check out the solutions provided and access their iCloud account without any issues. 

Besides, there are many clients who have a query on long does it take to recover an iCloud account? Well, in most cases, the duration is completely dependent on the mode that the user is selecting. 


Ways to recover iCloud account

Well, there are multiple ways that one can try to recover their iCloud account. However, to help out the clients here is some basic iCloud account recovery process that one should know. 


Recovering iCloud account on iPhone


  • For this process, the customer needs to launch the Settings app on their iPhone device. 
  • Then, the he needs to navigate to the iCloud option and click on it. 
  • Now, the he is required to enter the email address linked to the iCloud account and click on Forgot password option. 
  • Further, the customer is required to enter Apple ID and click on Next option. 
  • After that, the he will be provided with the security questions and the account will be verified. 
  • Then, the he can easily reset the password of their iCloud account and save the changes. 


And with the completion of this process, the customer can check iCloud account recovery status by accessing their iCloud account. 


Recovering iCloud account using two-factor authentication


  • For this process, the user is required to visit
  • Once the page is launched, the he needs to provide their Apple ID to proceed with the recovery process. 
  • Further, he will be provided with two options to recover their iCloud account i.e. using the phone number or trusted device. 
  • If the user selects the phone number option, then a verification code will be provided to the user. 
  • Then, he needs to submit that particular code and reset the password of their iCloud account. 


Besides, if these two processes fail, the customer can contact the support for required help and easily access their iCloud account. 

Hence, these were the few simple solutions that one can try to recover the iCloud account. Further, if the customer has any queries regarding iCloud account recovery time they can feel free to contact the support for the required help and recover their iCloud account in time and manage their data effectively. 

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