How to create Subdomain with the different kind of web hosting? Read and learn

Today’s word is sinking into the technology and digital marketing in terms of condemning the important task easily on a daily basis. We are living in the world of internet and we all are the tech-savvy. We all understand the leading role of the domain names in the ecosystem that is internet can be more than challenging.

How to create Subdomain with the different web hosting?

Root domain offers you the excellent opportunity to add subdomain with the different web hosting with ease. Sub Domain is the actual part of the internet and it is used to access on the website with ease. If you are exploring the ways to create the Sub-Domains in mix, then you must have understanding about the root domain.

Get simple methods on how to create subdomain in Godaddy:

Therefore, if you are going to create second website (Subdomain) with its unique content in the different web hosting, you must have domain name. If you don’t have own domain name you can have existing domain name to begin the task of creating Subdomain in Godaddy easily. When it comes to create the subdomain, it will help you boost the rank and the authority of your website.

So take care of everything while creating subdomain in Godaddy as follows.

·         First of all, launch an internet service and go to the website of Godaddy.

·         You can navigate manage my domain and press sign up option.

·         Now you have to enter your own domain name with the Subdomain.

·         Now explore manage DNS settings as same as shown at the bottom.

·         You can navigate the settings and can manage under Subdomain by adding Sub domain forwarding.

·         Now you can enter your Subdomain to create the blog easily.

Get simple methods on how to create Subdomain in cPanel:

You have great ability to create the Subdomain in cPanel. Sup Domain always function separately from your main domain for example if you a form for your site, you can easily adhere the task of creating a subdomain in cPanel.  

The following are the ways assisting you appropriately:

·         Launch an internet browser and go to the cPanel website.

·         Go t the domain name section and click on Subdomains list showing at the right side of the page.

·         Now you can type the name of domain which you have obtained to use and select the HTML folder.

·         Press the click button and there will be showing the message that has been created while creating the Subdomain in the cPanel simply.

Get simple methods on how to create subdomain in Bigrock:

Bigrock is based on the Linux Hosting offers a simple super easy method to create the domain with your cPanel. It is almost the same but few of authority is changed in terms of condemning the tasks with ease.

Blow basic methods are helping to create a Subdomain in Bigrock:

·         Go to the Bigrock website and log in your cPanel and scroll down to the domain section.

·         Click on the subdomains and enter the name into the correct fields press next button.

·         Select the document root and click the default option and then click on create button finally.  

Get solution on how to create subdomain in AWS:

Amazon web service (AWS) is the leading subsidiary of It provides on-demand cloud computing platforms as individual to offer perfect service in the business market.

So it would be good idea to create a subdomain in AWS listed down.

·         First of all launch an internet browser and log in the AWS router 53 with accepting the DNS server.

·         Select the host zone and press the add records for the new submission to your route 53 DNS server.

·         You have to confirm any charges that have the propagated for the all route 53 DNS servers.

·         You can go for the update button to add new domain name server records in the Subdomain system at the end of the procedure.

For more information and help, you can contact prudent tech support executive who will help you to get the issue fixed in a jiffy.     

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