How can i install SSL certificate?

Failed to install SSL certificate? Know how to install SSL certificate in cPanel and Linux

Secure Socket Layer i.e. SSL is an encrypted link between the browser and the server whose prime role is to keep the data secure and private when passing through the server and browser. Most of the users seek for the solution how to install SSL certificate and here, they will find the comprehensive method of the same.

After purchasing the certificate, you need to install SSL certificate and the process is different for the Operating Systems. So, you have to choose, exactly where you want to install the same, either it is in cPanel or in Linux.

If you are using cPanel and purchased the SSL certificate, then your first part is over and the next part is to know how to install SSL certificate in cPanel. Well, the process is simple and the detailed method is listed below.

How to install SSL Certificate in cPanel?

  • First and foremost, you need to download the SSL certificate and make sure to download the certificate and certificate bundle. These are the vital tools and will be used in the process.
  • Open your cPanel and then Login with the credentials.
  • Move to ‘Security’ section and click on ‘SSL/TLS Manager’.
  • Here, you will find few options, move to ‘Install and Manage SSL for your sites (HTTPS)’ section and click on the link ‘Manage SSL sites’.
  • Now, you need to insert the code in the certificate field and for the same, you need to find out the code. The SSL code is inscribed in your domain certification section and you just need to find out the same and then copy the certificate code and finally paste the same in the ‘Certificate’ section of cPanel.
  • After entering the security codes, you will find a button ‘Autofill by Certificate’ just click on it.
  • Thereafter, you will find a page showing ‘Certificate Authority Bundle’, select the same and then upload the intermediate certificates. However, if you want to use the SSL certificate for Mail services, then click on the checkbox ‘Enable SNI for Mail Services’ and then click on ‘Install Certificate’.

That’s it; you are all done and you will get a confirmation message on your screen. However, if you are using the Linux OS and looking for a solution to how to install SSL certificate in Linux, then follow the steps listed below. This will help you to install the same effectively.

How to install SSL certificate in Linux?

  • Linux offers Plesk feature and through the same, users can install the SSL certificate easily and for the same, users need to Sign-in to the control panel of Plesk.
  • Thereafter, few options will appear and you will have to select ‘Domain’ and then select the respective domain in which you want to add SSL certificate.
  • Now, click on Add new certificate’ and then open the Certificate in the WordPad or Word and then copy down the codes. Thereafter, past the codes in the Certificate box and then click on ‘Send text’.
  • Go back to the Hosting part and click on ‘Setup’ and from the drop-down menu of the same, click on ‘new certificate’ and then click on OK button to finish the process.

That’s it; SSL certificate is successfully installed on your device and now you can access the web world in an effective manner. Still u find any issue regarding install SSL certificate in Cpanel or Linux or any other further issue then get in touch with support team

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