How to fix Internet Explorer not responding, working, crashing and freezing error?

Internet Explorer is one of the fastest web browsers used by the billions of users across the world. It is best known for high speed and secure browsing features that make it world’s best web browsers. Internet Explorer runs very smooth on every Windows OS. But sometimes users face technical problems while using it and Internet Explorer not responding is one among those. In this article, you will learn how to fix this problem in various Windows OS.

How to fix Internet Explorer not responding in Windows 10?

If you are facing problem to use Internet Explorer in your Windows 10 computer, then you need to follow below steps:

·       First of all, press Windows key on your keyboard and then type troubleshooting into run box and press the Enter.

·       Now choose first option from the upcoming result.

·       Click on View all and then choose Internet Explorer.

·       Click on the Advanced tab and then choose Apply repairs automatically.

·       Now follow the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure.

Well! Now you can easily use Internet Explorer on your Windows 10 computer without any problem.

How to fix Internet Explorer not responding in Windows 8 desktop?

Many users complaint when Internet Explorer stopped working on Window 8 desktop. This problem is not too big if you go through below instructions:

·       First of all, close all the windows that are opening in Internet Explorer and then click on Tools icon.

·       Choose Internet Explorer and then click on the Advanced tab

·       Now choose Reset and then and then Reset Internet Explorer Settings window will open, click on Reset tab to complete the procedure.

How to fix Internet Explorer not responding on startup?

Users may confront problem when Internet Explorer crashes during the start up. Then a screen with an error message appears not responding error. In such conditions, you can follow the below steps:

·       First of all, open the Control Panel of your computer and then click on Network and Internet.

·       Now click on Manage browser add-ons.

·       Now a new window will open where you need to choose Manage add-ons tab.

·       After that, a list of add-ons you will see and then click on Add-ons.

·       Click on Disable tab which is available at the bottom side to complete the procedure.


Looking for quick assistance for Internet explorer not working?

Done!! Now you’re Internet Explorer not working problems has been solved after applying the above mentioned steps. So what are you thinking? Just open your Internet Explorer browser in Windows 7/8/10 and enjoy the best in class browsing features of Internet Explorer.

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