Fix various HP Printer not working or responding issues with these easy steps

HP printer is one of the widely used printers which are best known for its high-end printing features. HP printer is accessible on various devices such as Windows and Mac OS. HP printer comes in lots of variety and an affordable price. Users can print and scan documents with the help of HP printer. But often users confront HP printer not working problems whenever they try to do something on their printer. These working problems can be different and related to printing, paper jams, ink-cartridge and much more. In this article, you can easily learn how to resolve these problems on different devices in a very simple way.

How to resolve HP printer not printing?

If your HP printer not printing anything and showing any unwanted error, then a lot of factors can affect this problem. To resolve this problem, you need to apply the below troubleshooting steps:

·        First of all, make sure that your HP printer is well connected via USB cable to your computer.

·        If you are using your printer as Wi-Fi, then check your Wi-Fi connection and see is it configure correctly.

·        Check the driver and software of HP printer that they are properly installed or not.

·        Check the compatibility of your device and HP printer and after that, install the correct driver for them.

 How to fix HP printer not printing color correctly?

Sometimes your HP printer not prints color properly and missing some colors during the print, then it can be caused due to the color level of the ink cartridge. To resolve this problem, apply the steps:

·        First of all, you need to check the ink level and for this, open the Setup Menu on your printer’s control panel.

·        Choose Tools and then click on Display Estimated Ink Levels

·        Now you will see ink level and then click on the OK to go back to Tools menu.

·        After that, replace the ink cartridge if anyone is empty.

How to fix HP printer not working on Mac?

Using HP printer Mac is one of the easier ways. But sometimes it stops working on Mac due to various unwanted reasons. So you can easily resolve this problem in fewer steps which is easy to follow:

·        Open the printer list on your Mac and then click on your HP printer.

·        Now click on (-) icon to remove the printer.

·        Click on the Add button and now you need to find the name of your printer from the Printer list.

·        Now click on the Add tab to add your HP printer.

·        Click on Print Using or Use

·        Choose your printer and then a new queue of the printer will open.

·        After that, try to print anything on your HP printer.

How to fix HP printer not responding to computer?

Is your HP printer not responding to your computer? And showing an unexpected error? Then you really need to fix this problem that is very easy to resolve with the help of below steps:

·        Make sure that your HP printer drivers are installed properly and also update them if they are not updated.

·        Go to the official HP printer website and then click on Support and drivers section.

·        Now choose your printer’s model number and name from the list of drivers.

·        Click on Drivers and downloads and then enter your model number to search the printer, and click on the GO.

·        Choose your computer’s OS and then download the driver.

·        After downloading the latest driver, you need to install them in a proper way.

·        Now restart your computer to complete the procedure driver installing.

Hopefully, these methods can be helpful to resolve your various HP printer not working, not responding related problems.

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