How to fix Google Chrome not responding,working or loading problem?

Steps for Google chrome not responding error 

Google Chrome does at times fail to respond and the obvious technique to resolve the issue is by initially uninstalling and then re-installing the browser. But this process might result in lose of the saved data such as cookies, logins, password, downloaded extensions and so on. The other easy and quick ways to resolve the issue of Google Chrome not responding is

  • To check the internet connection and its speed by typing “nslookup” in the command prompt. If the connection is working perfectly then the IP address will be displayed or else the person need to check the cable or the connection, if required, the person need to restart the modem and reconnect
  • To close and open the browser expecting to get rid of the problem but the process need to be done properly. The user need to open the task manager and then end the Google Chrome process and then relaunch the browser or else it will continue running in the background
  • By trying to update the browser by clicking the options menu
  • Avoiding installing the browser using the third party distributor. Installing from the official website is always adviceable and that also helps the Google Chrome to work properly
  • By cleaning up the cache memory as because it might so happen that the device has actually run out of memory and as a result cannot load any page
  • By checking if there is any problem with the web page or with Chrome by using different browser like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and so on. If the problem continues, then the problem is either with the network or the website
  • By making changes to the existing antivirus software. It so happen that the antivirus software or malware do prevent or block Chrome. The user is recommended to run a check on the antivirus software
  • Deleting the unwanted local files or the local corrupted files, which are unusable and already corrupted from the device by un-hiding the folders in the “View” tab from any window and then navigating the path. The he or she needs to select all files and delete them. Then again re-launch the browser and check if the problem still pertains or not
  • Turing Off the Sandbox Mode, which is the security feature and make Google Chrome unresponsive. The user need to disable the feature and then check if the problem persists by visiting the Google Chrome Properties and then clicking on “Shortcut” tab and then appending the string “-no –sandbox” at the end and then clicking ok.

Looking for quick help for Google chrome not responding error?

If above steps are unable to follow by someone then get in touch with Google customer service in case of any error or urgency like google chrome not responding ,working or opening glitches.

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