Know everything to fix Google can't verify my account problem

As technology is evolving, day by day, it facilitates the world with a new set of expectations but on the other hand, misusing of technology and tools also getting spread vigorously. This comes with a hike in the number of hacking a Google account and a number of people have to face this issue. Though Google offers a number of security practices some users don't opt for two-step verification which kind of trouble making decision. Well, if you also seeing Google can't verify my account issue then Google provides you several ways to get your account access back that will be revealed in this article.

What a user does when Google can't verify the account problem appear?

As the error itself elaborate its story and hence you have to provide the details explaining the authority of the Google account that you are the owner of Google account which is not recognizing you. And you have to face the Google can't verify my account belongs to me error then follow the below steps to verify your Google account.

Provide the email address linked to your Google account

  • When it is asked to provide an email address that you can access then you would require entering the email address that you have linked to your Google account. In this way, it automatically verifies the Google account that was not verifying you and let you access the Google account service through your account.
  • Also, a password reset link will be sent to you on the recovery email address through which you will be able to reset your account password.

Answer all the security questions that you have assigned with your Google account

  • Google may also ask you to answer the security questions that you set while creating your Google account and answer them correctly.
  • Moreover, you know the answer but Google is not accepting the answer then you should try to change spellings of the words. I might possible that you have used different spelling than usual spellings.

Using a familiar device and location

You should try to log in to your Google account from the familiar device on which you used to log in with your Google account.

This could be your home and office.

Try to provide details as much as possible

  • In order to recover your Google account, you have to provide the details for your authentication that you are the real owner of your Google account and for this, you have to answer some of these questions:
  • You may ask to provide the last remember password and be sure of typo or any other error while providing the last remember password.
  • The date when your Google account was created.

Identify or ask the location to the frequent access of your Google account.

Get help from Google Forum

  • You can search for Google can't verify my account help on the Google Forum page where you would get support from the Google support team.
  • Also, you should go through all the answer given by fellow users and technical experts and try to fix this issue.
  • Moreover, you can check whether your issue is listed on the Google Forum or not and get a solution for the issue.
  • This is how you would get access to your Google account without facing too much of a stretch.

If unable to get solutions from above procedures then get in touch with Google customer service team for quick resolution!!

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