A complete guide to resolve the issue of Facebook not responding!

There are times when you can't use the Facebook app on your device. Many factors can be why, but the most common reason is the slow internet connection. Wherever you face the issue of Facebook not working or responding on your device, you can check your internet connection. 

However, in certain situations, Facebook does not respond when there is no storage on your device for the app. So, when you face the problem of Facebook not responding on iPad, iPhone, computer, or Android, you can take the help of this article. Here you can find the troubleshooting steps to fix the Facebook working on your device.

How can I fix the issue of Facebook not responding on my device?

When Facebook does not respond on some of your devices, you can use different troubleshooting ways to fix the issue. Below are the steps for separate devices you can check and use Facebook smoothly.

Why is my Facebook not working on iPad or iPhone?

When you cannot use your Facebook account on your iPad or iPhone, you can fix it easily with the steps given below:

Quit and restart Facebook

When your iPad and iPhone do not support Facebook, you need to close the app and restart your device quickly. If you still face a problem with Facebook not responding on iPhone or iPad, you need to force stop the app. You can do this in the Settings of your gadget. After that, you can open the Facebook app again on your device for smooth functioning.

Check the internet connection.

  • Ensure that you have a good internet connection that does not hinder Facebook from running smoothly on your device.
  • If you use mobile data, ensure that Facebook has all the permissions to access mobile data.

Clear cache 

You need to remove all the cache and junk files from your device and Facebook to make it respond on your device.

Why is my Facebook not working on the computer?

There are cases when you can't run Facebook on your browser. In such cases, you can use the following ways to fix the issue:

Update the browser and windows

If you find Facebook not responding to a computer issue, you need to update your browser. If your browser is already updated, you need to update the windows before running the app on your computer. You can set updates alerts from the Settings of your computer.

Check the Browser permission.

  • Click on the three dots at the top corner of your browser screen.
  • Choose the Settings option and click open Permissions
  • Check Facebook in the Block list.

Otherwise, locate Facebook from the site list and use the browser.

Why is my Facebook not working on Android?

Check the storage

If you are using a Facebook app on your Android, you need to clear the space so that Facebook can run properly on your device. If Facebook is not responding on the android issue persists, you can clear the cache from the Facebook app as well to make it run smoothly. You can clear the app cache from the Settings.

Give Permissions to Facebook

  • Open Settings in your android device
  • Go to the Permissions option
  • Tap on Facebook
  • Toggle the Allow button for data usage.
  • Allow other permissions as well to operate Facebook on your android device.

Therefore, these are some simple troubleshooting steps to fix the issue when Facebook does not respond on your device. If all the above ways do not help you, reinstall Facebook from your device and install it again. You can also contact the technical experts to resolve Facebook not responding issues for your respective devices. For more help, you can check the Help Center section of Facebook and report a problem by following instructions. Hence, you can fix Facebook and use it smoothly on your device.

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