How to create Pinterest account?

Pinterest-Create Account With It

Pinterest is basically a mobile and desktop application which has been designed  to discover information which will show over the world wide web. It gives the possibility to design your life.With the help of it,individual will be able to discover style inspiration,recipes and even projects for their home. It may happens to users that account will stop functioning,it is required to contact support team at that time. To contact pinterest customer service team,there is need to dial help number.

Multiple issues are there which has been resolved by Pinterest customer service team. Here,individual could see the solution of one:

What is the method to create Pinterest account?

User may create their Pinterest account on their mobile phone as well as on the computer system. There is need to follow the below given guidelines:

Create Pinterest account on mobile phone:-

  • First,user need to open Pinterest account

  • It is now required to select the option of “Sign up with email”,it is the red button at the bottom of the screen

  • Individual should now enter the email address that is working currently

  • It is now required to tap “Next” button which is at the bottom

  • Also,there is need to type the password of your email account

  • Select the option of “Next” button

  • There is now need to type in your name

  • Choose the option of “Next”

  • Individual are now required to enter their age

  • However,user should select the “Next” option

  • Even ,user should enter their gender

  • Select the option of “Done”

  • It is now required to select atleast five topics

  • Tap “Next” button and then pinterest will start building the profile

Create Pinterest account on computer system:

  • First,user need to visit website of Pinterest

  • There is need to enter the email address along with the preferred password

  • Select the option of “Continue” button

  • Individual should enter the required information:-

  • Full name:

  • Age:

  • Gender:

  • Tap the button of “Signup” to go further

  • There is need to select the option of “Skip for now”

  • It is required to select at least five topics

  • Select the option of “Done”

  • However,there is need to look that whether the problem get solve or not

There is still some people who will not be satisfied from the solution of the above content,they are mandatory to connect with support team immediately. To connect with the support team,there is need to dial Pinterest support number. It is really easy to find on customer service site and even could be dialed from anywhere in the world. Individual will be charged with certain amount of fee,it is too small to fund by anybody.




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