All about Norton Setup and Installation

Today most of the personal, important, and classified information is stored on our computer systems which are prone to cyber-attacks that could alter, delete or steal this important information. This was evident in the recent virus attack which breached the databases of thousands of corporate and banks and stole classified information.

Norton antivirus is one of the leading antivirus software currently in the market and a good track record makes it more trustworthy.

In order to get your system secured by Norton antivirus installation steps you have to follow as shown below Norton setup and for renewal Norton antivirus find below at last line

•    Sign in to

•    Type in your email id and password in order to sign in and if you don’t have an account then register yourself.

•    In the Norton setup window click on “install Norton”.

•    If you have a product key then you have not registered to your account, click “enter a new product key” to continue.

•    Type the product key and click.

•    Click “agree” and download.

•    Run the file you have downloaded.

•    If the user account window appears then click continue.

•    Follow the on-screen instructions.

•    Your Norton product is now installed and activated.

If you are not satisfied by Norton setup or renewal Norton antivirus or you have opted for some other antivirus then you can easily uninstall Norton antivirus by following these simple steps

Note that these steps are exclusively for Windows operating system.

How to uninstall Norton antivirus?

•    Open the control panel. You can remove Norton setup from your system just like any other system. you can find the control panel by clicking on the “windows” option or by simply searching the control panel.

•    Then open the “program manager”. This will open all the programs that are installed on your system. This might take a little time to load.

•    Find the Norton internet security folder among all other programs.

•    Then click on the “uninstall” option on the top of the list and follow the prompt to remove Norton's internet security.

•    There may be more than one Norton product installed on your system like antivirus, antispam, password manager. remove all these associate products of Norton anti-virus.

•    Reboot your computer after uninstalling the Norton anti-virus. rebooting removes every task and start with a clean slate.

If you encounter any problem or error during rebooting or manually removing Norton setup by following the above steps then you may use the Norton removal toolkit to uninstall the Norton antivirus setup from your system. Just follow these simple steps given below.

•    The Norton removal tool is a program directly designed by the semantics to remove Norton setup that was not able to successfully uninstall by traditional way.

•    You can download the Norton removal tool directly from semantics. so just search Norton removal tool on google and download the tool.

•    Close any Norton that might be open at this moment. you can open the task manager to check if all Norton programs are closed.

•    Run the removal tool by clicking on the EXE file and that will initiate the uninstallation.

•    Reboot your computer by restarting it.

•    Delete any remaining folder of Norton setup that might be present in the c drive.

Norton setup login:

Norton setup download:

Norton setup activate:

Renewal Norton Antivirus:

How to renewal Norton antivirus subscription check this:


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