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WestJet airlines are one of the most famous airline services in Canada that serves around 100 destinations all over the world. This airline is the low-cost airline that offers cheap and affordable tickets to people who are planning to travel by this airline. WestJet airlines also offer various charter services to people to travel from one destination to another. Also, this airline has several domestic and international destinations including Europe, Central America, Mexico and many more. Besides, to know more about this airline, people can contact the WestJet customer service at any time and can get the proper details.

By contacting the customer service team of WestJet airlines, people can gain various services in terms of understanding its inflight services, policies and many more things concerning this particular airline. There are also various advantages of contacting the WestJet customer service representatives including:

  • The executives are available for 24 hours so that passengers get the best help.
  • Representatives are well informed about all the policies i.e. baggage as well as the check-in policy for WestJet airlines.
  • Passengers can also get the best details about the offers and deals available for tickets on WestJet airlines.
  • The representatives will also provide a guideline to book tickets for this airline.

Therefore, passengers who want to avail cheap tickets to any of the destinations same as the WestJet airlines, then for this they are required to follow the ticket booking steps that are mentioned below. The ticket booking steps need to be followed step by step so that all the details of the passengers are entered in the correct way and no problem is faced by them while boarding or the security check in for the flight.

So, steps for booking tickets for WestJet airline flights are:

  • For booking the tickets, firstly people need to go to the official page for WestJet airlines i.e. www.westjet.com
  • Then, click on the preference menu.
  • People then need to mention their departure details i.e. the departure date and city.
  • Further, go to the arrival option and enter arrival city and date.
  • After this person needs to mention the number of passengers who are traveling.
  • If there are any senior citizen or any infant then it should be specified.
  • When these details are entered, the passengers are required to click on the search flight menu to get the details of all the West Jet airlines flight available for that particular date.
  • People then need to go through all the mentioned available flights and from the list; they are required to select the best one.
  • Now, people need to fill the passenger form in which they are supposed to enter details about the passengers traveling.
  • Details such as their full name, age, email address, phone number etc need to be entered.
  • Once the passenger form is filled correctly, people need to pay for the ticket.
  • The payment can be processed by the credit card, debit card, online banking etc.
  • The passengers will then get their booked ticket in their registered email address.

Hence, by following these booking steps the passengers will easily be able to book tickets for WestJet airlines flight. So as to solve any query based on these above-mentioned ticket booking steps, passengers can dial the WestJet customer service number for their help.

Besides, whenever the passengers are booking their tickets for WestJet airlines flight they also need to totally go through the baggage policy for this airline. Many a times passengers carry overweight luggage on their journey and are not allowed carrying it on the flight because of the baggage policy for the same. Therefore, to avoid any luggage issue, there is a need to know the baggage policy for this airline.

Mentioned below are the baggage policy details for WestJet airlines:

  • Passengers can carry 1 carry-on bag and one personal item with themselves.
  • The carry on baggage size should be in the size of 21 x 15 x 9 inches and not more than that.
  • The personal item bag should be in the size of 16 x 13 x 6 inches and not more than that.
  • Passengers can carry minimum 2 and maximum 4 checked in bag.
  • The size of the checked in bag should not be more than 23 kgs in size.

Also, the passengers can make a call on the WestJet customer service number to get more information on the baggage policy for this airline. This number can be dialed at any hour of the day to get the best possible details.

Phone Number :    1-888-937-8538 (1-888-WESTJET)
Call Time :            
Company URL :   https://www.westjet.com
Support URL :   https://www.westjet.com/en-ca/contact
Address :             Calgary, Canada
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