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United Airlines Incorporated which is also known by the name United is one of the major airline that is currently operating in the United States of America. The company headquarters are currently located in Chicago, Illinois. If it is compared to others airlines in terms of revenue, it is the world’s third largest airline coming behind American Airlines and Delta Airlines. United Airlines Inc. operates on both the domestic and international circuit. The company covers a very wide region by way of both the domestic and the international route circuit. Its presence is especially extensive in the Asia-Pacific region. United Airlines Inc. is also known as one of the founding members of the Star Alliance, which is the world’s largest airlines alliance.

United Airlines was founded in the year 1926 and was known by the name Varney Air Lines. This name was later on changed and it came to be known as United Air Lines.

United Airlines currently operates out of nine airline hubs which are located in the following cities:

·         Denver

·         Chicago

·         Los Angeles

·         Guam

·         Houston

·         Newark

·         San Francisco

·         Wishington D.C.

·         And Tokyo

The hub which is located at the Chicago O’ Hare airport is its largest hub in two areas. One is in the number of passengers carried annually and the second is in terms of the departures.

In addition to this, United Airlines also operates maintenance hubs. These hubs are located in Cleveland and Orlando. The company’s slogan is “Fly the friendly skies”.

United Airlines Reservations Process

There are three ways by which one can book a ticket on the United Airlines.

·        The first method is to physically go over to the counter and book a ticket for yourself in person.

·        The second involves booking a ticket online at the United airlines website https://www.united.com.

o   At the website, follow the step by step instructions mentioned therein.

o   Give your details, choose the class you would be travelling with and the in flight extra facilities you would like to avail

o   Then make the payment for your ticket.

·        The third step to book a ticket is by calling on the United airlines reservations number 844-313-4736. The service representative would help you with any part of the reservations process that you face a problem with.

However the best way to is to make a United Airlines online reservations. Now there are many features that are offered by the airlines in order to entice as many people to use their airlines while traveling. Some of the features are mentioned below.

United Airlines provide many offer and promotional codes to make the pricing of its tickets even more reasonably priced. These promotional offers can be redeemed at the time of booking the tickets itself so that the customer has the option of booking the cheapest ticket available.

Thereafter the airlines allows you to book your ticket 330 days in advance thereby allowing you to plan well head in advance and make preparations accordingly.

 Also the airlines allows you to make in house pet reservation too.

You can book up to eight people on a single ticket. If more than eight people are to be booked, you would have to call United airlines reservations phone number


Phone Number :    1-800-864-8331
Call Time :            
Company URL :   https://www.united.com
Support URL :   https://www.united.com/web/en-US/content/contact/customer/default.aspx
Address :             Chicago, Illinois, United States
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