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Major airlines service of US with its head quarters at Chicago, United airlines is considered as the third largest revenue generating airline service. With more than 150 destinations all over the world, united airlines is the obvious choice for those who love to travel comfortably, with entertainment and always on time. Along with the low reservation fare, United airlines also provides various facilities inside the flight and as well as to its regular customers. First, let’s see how one can make united airlines manage reservations.

Find out below process for United airlines manage reservations


  1. Go to any trusted online travel agency web site or the official web site of United Airlines.
  2. Click on the tab Booking and then click on Flight.
  3. Select the type of the journey as either Round Trip or Multi city or One Way.
  4. Then enter the departure and arrival airports.
  5. Select the date and time to travel.
  6. Now enter the number of passengers as adults, children and infants.
  7. Enter the class of journey which you desire to travel in.
  8. Enter the promo code or mileage points if there is any.
  9. Click on Search button.
  10. Select the flight which is the most suitable for you.
  11. Proceed for the payments.

For the existing offers and discounts, person can call at the united airlines manage reservations phone number. Person can find the most comfortable seats, various means of entertainment like TV shows, movies and songs with headphones on every seat. Charging plugs for your mobiles and laptops etc. Person can enjoy best meals and snacks during his journey with United Airlines. Along with all such things, if the person is the regular customer of United Airlines, and he has the credit card of the airline service, he can earn points with his every purchase. With these points he can get huge discounts on another purchasing like on air shopping, an upgrade of the class, or free rescheduling or cancellation of flight etc. Also, person can get a chance to become the member of the united airline club where he can enjoy the club facilities like on board meals, games, waiting rooms and many other means to entertainment. So, United Airlines is a complete package from low reservation cost to experiencing the luxurious journey and staying on board.

Baggage Policy for United Airlines

Baggage Policy in United airlines is affordable and flexible. If you are traveling in the connecting flight, the charges will be once only. If the connecting flights are different and there is no agreement of it with United Airlines then the charges can be there for different flights. The fee for first check bag is $25 and for the second one it is $35. The weight of the bags should be 23 kg and it should not exceed by 32 kgs. The baggage policy changes from place to place so person should connect with the united airlines live chat support. The service is 24/7 available so person can chat at any time and ask about the baggage allowances, rescheduling,how to manage United airlines reservations,booking and cancellation policies, latest discounts and offers etc.


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