Turkish airlines reservations: The easiest reservation process

Turkish airlines website is one of the best user-friendly websites to buy ticket online. On the other hand, flyers can also call at Turkish airlines reservation number for any types of queries regarding flight availability, schedule, services offered onboard, paid services, etc.

Online and normal reservations features

Online reservations facility is available for those passengers who book ticket from 3 hours to 355 days prior to their journey dates. Besides, flyers can also reserve the tickets through the other processes like the following ones:

·         Turkish airlines sales offices

·         Authorized sales agencies

·         Turkish airlines call center

After getting a reservations online, the confirmation ticket can be bought in the following ways:

·         Ticket at the airport: A flyer of Turkish airlines can obtain a ticket from the airport if the reservation is done 3 hours to 355 days prior to the first flight. There are some authorized ticket counters of Turkish airlines in some airports all over the world. The list of those airports can be obtained from the official website of the airline or just from the Turkish airlines reservations phone number.

·         Ticket from the airline office: A flyer can obtain a ticket from a Turkish airlines office in any city if he has received reservation via Turkish airlines website between 48 hours to 355 days prior to the first flight.

Turkish airlines reservations and ticketing process

The Turkish airlines reservations and ticketing process involve the following steps:

Step 1: The passenger needs to call at the customer care number or visit the website for the reservation.

Step 2: The website will guide the passenger to complete the reservations procedure within a few minutes.

Step 3: The passenger now needs to preserve a copy of the reservations or get a printout of the same.

Step 4: Now the passenger needs to ticket the reservation from any of the above-mentioned locations. The system allows buying the ticket at the quoted fair if it is collected at least 24 hours’ prior of the flight.

Reservation for the round trip or multiple destinations can also be made in a similar way but maximum 6 flights per reservation destination are allowed per reservation session. 

Bag information: In economy, to/from Africa and Americas, 1st bag free, 2nd bag varies by itinerary. To other destinations, 20kg free, additional allowance depending on route.

Alliance: Star Alliance

Subsidiaries: AnadoluJet, SunExpress, Turkish Technic,

Phone Number :    +90 850 333 0849
Call Time :            
Company URL :   https://p.turkishairlines.com
Support URL :   
Address :             Istanbul, Turkey
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