All that you needed to know about Southwest Airlines group travel!

Southwest Airlines is a low cost airline that hails from the USA and headquartered in Dallas, Texas that provides its services across Central America, Puerto Rico, Mexico and the Caribbean. Along with regular flight booking, Southwest Airlines provides group travel also. To do the group booking, it is mandatory to have at least ten people for Southwest Airlines group travel. Under the group travel booking, discounted airfare and extra flexibility is provided.

The procedure to do the Southwest group travel booking is as follows:

> Go to Southwest Airlines website.

> On the website of Southwest Airlines, fill out the group travel form.

> Go through the on screen instruction to get your booking done.

You can search the website to avail the Southwest Airlines group travel discount. You can contact the customer care of Southwest Airlines to know about discounts and offers. Also, group travelers can check in online and boarding positions can be reserved that begins 24 hrs prior to departure.

The online check in procedure for group is slightly different than that for non group travel.

For international groups:

  1. Go to the Southwest website.
  2. On the Southwest website, you are required to click on Check in and then, reserve boarding positions.

3. Once you click on Check in, you need to provide confirmation number and     then first name and last name of any of the travelers.

     4. Southwest Airlines allows doing the check in one passenger at a time.

     5. To complete the check in process, a valid passport and emergency contact      Information is needed to accomplish the check in process.

     6. Since, change can be made one passenger at a time, then, one has to repeat steps 1 to 3 for every international passenger.

     7. The boarding pass can be obtained after arriving at the airport.

For domestic groups:

  1. The online check in process for domestic airlines is very easy. All you need to do is go to the Southwest website.
  2. On the Southwest website, you need to click on Check in.
  3. Provide the confirmation number and then enter first and last name of any of the traveler.
  4. The entire group can be checked in or one can select some specific passengers.
  5. Southwest Airlines website shows the successfully checked in passengers name.
  6. Once you arrive at the airport, you can receive the boarding pass at the airport counter.

It is worthy to mention here that boarding passes are retained by Southwest Airlines at the departure gate.

If you face any issue regarding booking or need assistance to get your booking done, you can contact the customer care on Southwest airlines group travel phone number. The customer care executives of Southwest Airlines assist with the booking process and even if you need to know about the policies like baggage, pet and other policies, you can know about the same by contacting the customer care.

Even after booking you need to make some changes or cancel the booking, you can contact the customer care regarding same.

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